Celebrate the Moms in Your Life

Celebrate the Moms in Your Life

Bring together all the moms in your life for a real Mother’s Day treat: brunch.

Traditionally, Mother's Day is when millions of moms cherish gifts from their little ones — from hand-drawn cards to picked wildflowers to breakfast in bed. But this year, why not celebrate the bonds across families, and bring together mothers, grandmothers, aunts and children?

More than a material gift, a memorable brunch is a lovely way to reach each generation. But before you dive headfirst into planning something you can’t commit to, read these tips.

First, Send Invitations
Get your list of guests together, including all mothers and children from your extended family. The result could be an intimate gathering, or a real houseful! Be as elaborate as you like with the invitations. Handmade cards featuring old snapshots of family members are a great way to set the tone.

In your invitations, encourage guests of all ages to spend some time digging up a memento to bring for a keepsake centerpiece — think grade-school artwork or vacation pictures that bring back fond memories of Mom. Adults can think along the lines of a college diploma or wedding invitation to show gratitude for Mom’s support in early adulthood.

Next, Plan the Menu
Almost everyone has a favourite childhood recipe from Mom. Call your guests a week ahead of the gathering and ask them to find the recipe from their mom that they loved best, and prepare it for the meal. Plan the rest of the dishes to round out the meal — and don't forget to include some of your mom’s favourites!

Then, Enjoy the Day
If possible, set your table with heirloom china, silver and fresh flowers. As your guests arrive, ask them to help fill out the keepsake centerpiece by adding their memento to the table. During the meal, have guests take turns sharing the memories around their mementos and the dishes they chose to prepare.

Even if the only thing a person brought was a story, they're bound to spark fond memories and remind the moms how much they are loved.


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