Backyard and Beyond: 6 Fun Outdoor Activities

Backyard and Beyond: 6 Fun Outdoor Activities

Having a fun, out-of-the-ordinary time may be just outside your door.

If you feel as though you’ve done almost everything in your neighbourhood and need a fun, local activity to do with the family, a few unique things may be right under your nose. Whether it’s just outside the door or only a few kilometres away, our cities often have fun secrets just waiting to be discovered!

Check Out the Local Farmers Market
If you haven't visited your local farmers market, you're probably missing out on some of the best produce around. And farmers markets are more than just ears of corn! You can often find artisan cheeses, baked goods, beautiful flowers and crafts. Finding a local farmers market near you is easy. Numerous websites can use your location to find ones close.

Catch a Sunrise or Sunset
Watching the sun rise or set is one of the best natural beauties in the world and does miracles for rejuvenating spirits. Sit at the beach, stroll to the park or watch from an open meadow — getting a little ways out of town can pay off big with a first-rate view.

Plan a Family Picnic
Picnics don't have to be fancy — even taking your lunch to a park is a great start. Keep a blanket in the trunk of your car to be picnic-ready, anytime. Or, simply put your dinner on paper plates, grab a blanket and bring the feast outside. To make a truly memorable family affair, select a local park that's new to you a week in advance — this gives more time for anticipation. Pick up a few special food items at the grocery store, such as string cheese, grapes, granola bars or yogurt raisins. Tuck these into a basket with sandwiches and drinks and you’re good to go.


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Become a Field Expert
Learning and the outdoors can go hand in hand — all you need is a subject of interest! Pick up a guide to plants and trees, birds, or bugs and become an expert on the great outdoors. Also, check your local parks and recreation centers for free guided nature and garden walks.

Try Badminton, Bocce Ball or Croquet
Perfect for weekends or fun family nights, these outdoor games are great for various ages and fitness levels. Play one-on-one or with a large group — fire up the grill and invite your friends and neighbours for an afternoon tournament.

Scavenge the Neighbourhood
It’s easy to make a scavenger hunt. Simply write out a list of items available in your area at that time of year. Include easy items such as a stick, a flower, a garden tool, a ball, a garden glove, an acorn and a pebble. Also include more challenging items such as a rock with a fossil, a feather, a shell or a key. (You’ll probably have to plant some items in advance.) Give your kids a bucket to carry their finds and they’re off. A hug makes a great prize, or perhaps the winner could get an extra story at bedtime.

Whether you’re out and about with the family or just doing something for yourself, you’re bound to find a new activity that’ll get you into the sun and enjoying the day. And if it delights the kids, too, what more could a mom ask for?

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