6 Trick-or-treating Tips

6 Trick-or-treating Tips

Discover six unique ideas to have a perfect night of trick-or-treating.

By: Nancy Flanders

Trick-or-treating can be a fun experience for kids and adults alike. Get organized and celebrate this year by hosting a fun get-together for your friends and family. Use these six ideas to make your trick-or-treating party turn out as a hit.

1. Start Early
Have guests arrive a few hours before the trip starts. This gives everyone a chance to get together, take pictures and get ready to go without hustling out the door.

2. Plan a Route
Know which streets you’ll cover before you leave the house.

  • Before the party, take a preliminary drive of the route so you know which ways to go in order to cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.
  • Check out which houses are participating and which may be too scary for younger trick-or-treaters to visit.
  • Print off a map of the area and highlight the route to distribute to the parents in the group so everyone stays on track.

3. Pack the Essentials
Before you walk out the door, make sure you grab these items to throw in a bag or backpack:

  1. Flashlights
  2. Your highlighted map
  3. Something reflective for each trick-or-treater to hold
  4. Bottles of water
  5. A way to keep track of time

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Have an adult guest park their car about midway through the route in case some trick-or-treaters need to call it a night early.

4. Go Hands Free
If you’re trick-or-treating with a toddler, chances are you’ll be carrying them about a quarter of the way through the outing. Make sure you have a place to store the essentials.

5. Head Back Home
Once you’ve hit all the houses on the route, head back home and let the fun begin.

  • Let kids check out their candy (after you’ve vetted the bags) and make some trades.
  • Play some Halloween games like pin the grin on the pumpkin, bob for apples, or wrap a mummy in toilet paper.
  • Let adult guests unwind by setting out spiced tea, cider and snacks.

6. Have a Backup Plan
Your neighbourhood isn’t the only place to go trick-or-treating. Many communities hold supervised trick-or-treat events that provide a safe environment for children to experience the fun of Halloween.

Also, if it rains, don’t cancel the night! Have the adults hide candy throughout the house while the kids stay in another room and host a candy scavenger hunt.

Do you have any tried and true trick-or-treating tips you’d like to share? Post them in the comments section below!

Nancy is a part-time writer and full-time mom to three little girls who left the magazine publishing world to raise a family and found a new calling to help, inspire and bring hope to other parents.

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