5 Spring Family Activities on a Budget

5 Spring Family Activities on a Budget

5 Spring Family Activities on a Budget

By: Shannon Philpott

Spring Break doesn’t have to mean either bored children or eating into your savings. Here are five great ways to enjoy spring on a budget.

Hear a Story, Read a Book
Having fun can be educational for all ages. Head to the library to hear a story if you have little kids, or choose a book everyone can read together and discuss if they are older. Find out about free upcoming book readings and other demonstrations or workshops the entire family might enjoy — suggests Andrea Woroch, consumer and money-savings expert for Kinoli Inc., in Windsor, Colo.

Stepping Up Family Fitness

Make Crafts
Spring means renewal, and that goes for your family’s creative side, too. Woroch suggests asking craft and fabric stores to find out about knitting, sewing and craft classes for all ages. “Bring your kids to learn something new together,” she says. “Usually the cost for participating is just the cost of materials.” Once you have some innovative, crafty ideas, expand the projects at home by tie-dyeing T-shirts in the front yard or painting frames in the garage.

Take a Family Walk—Here’s Why


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Plant a Garden
Take the opportunity to work together through a long-term project by planning and planting a garden as a family, suggests Cathi Doebler, New York-based author of “Ditch the Joneses, Discover Your Family.” Have everyone choose plants for a vegetable or flower garden, and assign duties to care for it throughout the spring and summer. Search your library for books on spring flowers and gardening. “By enjoying time together outside, you get the health benefits and the benefits of enjoying nature,” says Doebler.

Join in the Cooking
Fire up the grill and get the entire family involved in planning meals this spring. “Let your kids lead the dinner planning,” recommends Lisa Mase, whole foods cooking educator with Harmonized Cookery in Montpelier, Vt. From chicken on the grill to burritos set up on a picnic table, find ways to get the kids involved in the preparations. “You will all feel better, have more fun and save money by cooking at home,” says Mase.

Fun Ways to Stay in Shape as a Family

Volunteer Together
Spread some good cheer as a family by volunteering this spring. “Spring is a great time for families to volunteer together, and it’s free,” says Liz Rampy, South Carolina-based family therapist and kindergarten teacher. Contact nursing homes to organize a day to read to residents or make simple crafts with them. The entire family can spend a day walking dogs at the animal shelter, too.

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