5 Kid-Friendly DIY Ornaments

5 Kid-Friendly DIY Ornaments

Get your children excited with DIY tree decorations that each start with a basic ornament.

By: Lexi Walters Wright

Making ornaments with your kids is an iconic and affordable way to decorate for the holidays. These simple craft ideas all start with a basic blank plastic ball ornament, which you can buy in bulk.

Tip: On each of these DIY ornaments, use a paint pen to write your child’s name and year somewhere on the bulbs. You’ll smile when you pull them out from your tree trimmings box year after year.

1. Handy Snowmen Ornaments
Begin with a solid-coloured plastic ornament bulb. Dip your child’s hands in white tempera paint and have them grab the bottom of the ornament. Once the white paint dries, decorate the fingers with paint markers to look like snowmen, adding hats, scarves, faces, buttons, etc.

2. Wrapping Paper Collage Ornaments
Rummage through your holiday boxes to find plastic ball ornaments that have seen better days. (You’ll be completely covering them, so it doesn’t matter if they’re scratched or dented.) Take leftover wrapping paper scraps and have your kids tear them into different-sized pieces.

Tip: Use a paper punch to pop out trees, snowflakes, etc. Help your child cover the ball with a thin layer of clear liquid decoupage, laying the paper pieces as you’d like. Once you’ve covered the ball with paper, paint a final layer of decoupage to seal the decorations.

3. Time Capsule Photo Ornaments
Start with a clear plastic ball ornament that you’re able to open, fill and close. In it, slip a colour photograph that you’ve rolled slightly to fit into the opening of the ornament. Have your child write her name and the year on a strip of white or coloured paper, and place that into the ornament as well.

4. Simple Sticker Ornaments
This is a project for the very youngest crafters in your family. Start with a plastic ornament bulb in any solid colour. Then give your child an array of press-on stickers to decorate it. Consider foam sticker polka dots, paper candy cane stickers or stripes of sticker-backed scrapbook edging.

5. Country Christmas Ornaments
Have an older child help give your tree a rustic look with these simple, textured decorations. You can start with any round plastic ornament, new or old.

First, cut an 20 1/2-centimetre (8-inch) piece of twine or ribbon. Thread it through the ornament’s hanging loop and tie it into a secure knot.

Now cut a piece of muslin or burlap into a square that will completely cover the ball when you bring the corners around and up to the top of the ornament. (This size will vary depending on the diameter of your ornament. A 23-by-23-centimetre (9-by-9-inch) swatch will cover most 7 /12-centimetre (3-inch) wide balls.)


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Once you gather the fabric corners at the top of the ornament, covering the ball completely, secure the ends with a rubber band, bouquet-style. Cover the rubber band with a piece of decorative holiday ribbon, more twine or sparkly garla

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