3 Reasonable Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

3 Reasonable Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

Follow these guidelines and you might actually stick to your resolutions this year.

By: Madeline Glasser

We make them every year: resolutions detailing all the ways we want to improve ourselves throughout the new year. We might go strong for a few weeks or months, but more often than not, we don’t follow through with our goals.

The key to achieving our goals is to set smaller, more attainable goals. Once you achieve these, you can move on to the loftier dreams. These three reasonable goals can set you on the right track for having the healthiest year yet.

1. Remove Your Daily Stress
Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives. We are constantly being put in different situations that elevate our heart rates and increase stress levels, but living in a chronic state of stress can negatively affect our overall health. Finding a way to manage your stress levels can do wonders for improving your happiness levels and overall wellness.

There are plenty of ways to manage everyday stress. Try these four ideas:

  • Exercise regularly: Exercise helps reduce stress levels and releases endorphins, which help to improve your mood
  • Practice meditation
  • Take a bath or shower at the end of the day to literally wash your stress down the drain
  • Make time for you: Fit in the activities that make you happy

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2. Set Exercise and Weight Loss Goals Differently
A great deal of resolutions revolve around reaching a healthy weight goal or shedding pounds, but we also often set really high goals for ourselves and get discouraged if we fall short.

Rather than saying, “I want to lose X pounds,” set a realistic goal like, “I want to do a physical activity X days/hours a week.”

Only you know how busy you are, so be realistic when setting the number of days or hours you can devote to exercise. Find an activity that you really enjoy doing, be it running, walking, group fitness classes, lifting, swimming — whatever! You’re more likely to stick to your goal if you’re enjoying the process. Talk to your doctor toward the end of December to make sure you’re cleared to start on day one of the new year!

3. Pay it Forward — Thoughtfully
So many of our resolutions are all about ourselves. What about setting one this year to help others? Make a point to do a random act of kindness, even if it’s just once a month. Do something to show a family member or friend how much you appreciate her. Volunteer in your community. It doesn’t have to be a huge project. Even the smallest actions make a difference. Doing something for someone else goes a long way in making us feel good about ourselves.

What else is on your resolution list this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Madeline is the author of the Food, Fitness, and Family blog where she writes about yummy eats, sweaty workouts and life as a family of three — soon to be four! She is an Army wife dedicated to finding balance between kale and cake pops while raising her growing family.

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