3 Common Relationship Myths

3 Common Relationship Myths

Read on to see the three big myths about relationships and why they’re not true.

By: Meredith Porretta

Being in a relationship means more than sharing a home. At its root, it’s are about two people coming together and living out their lives together. It’s more than a wedding day, it’s more than the honeymoon and it’s definitely more than most of us expect. Ups, downs and everything in between — a relationship is an adventure with a person you love and a lifelong pursuit of making a relationship stronger than you ever thought possible.

We start learning all sorts of things when we get married, but there are some myths out there that, throughout the years, have become convention.

So, here is some food for thought: How can we identify and thwart old myths in the hopeful effort to strengthen our relationships and create even more fulfilling relationships? Here are some ideas:

Myth 1 – You Belong to Each Other
Not one bit uncommon for a couple to share sentiments such as “I belong to you,” “I am yours,” “Be mine,” etc., because we're in love.

But, at it's core, what is love? Well, it's acceptance. We don't tend to think, “I love you because I own you,” right? So, when we focus on love as more of a mutual acceptance and realize we don't control each other, we can release many damaging patterns of thought and behaviour (such as jealousy or resentment) that can chip away at even the strongest relationship.


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Remember when you first met your spouse? Things were new — you each had your own separate life. While that might not be true right now (parenting does change a lot), it’s important that you recall those feelings you had when you first started dating. Attraction may be more based on affection nowadays, but never forget that you are a couple — two different people.

Myth 2 – You Always Agree
When we get married, it's sometimes an unspoken belief that we are uniting with someone who mostly aligns with our own beliefs. Whether it's politics, religion or something as minute as which direction the toilet paper falls, there are bound to be some subjects on which you disagree.

We run into problems when we delude ourselves into believing that we must agree on the majority of things — because it would mean there's something very wrong with our relationship if we don't. This is where damage can occur, because we tend to judge people who don’t agree with us.

If judgment can be successfully removed, relationships can thrive happily. Which brings us to the next myth...

Myth 3 – You Make Each Other Happy Every Second of Every Day
We tend to be with someone for reasons of happiness, but we also tend to be with people who are quite opposite of ourselves. Opposites can balance one another out, which is positive. But, opposites are opposites after all, so disagreements are bound to happen — which is perfectly OK.

In fact, it’s healthy and realistic to accept the fact that every single person who you are ever in a relationship with will disagree with you at some point. They will make you feel some kind of unhappy emotion, and actually, it will probably happen often. If we are able to accept this truth at the start of a relationship, we can make peace with it and accept that our significant others are people, too. This mentality also encourages individuals to create their own happiness, thereby aiding in building a stronger, happier marital union.

Meredith is a mother of two, blogger for Yin Mom, Yang Mom, Etsy shop owner and freelance graphic/web designer. She resides in New England and enjoys photography, knitting, meditation, drawing and writing snarky commentary.

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