13 Special Ways to Show Thanks

13 Special Ways to Show Thanks

Say thanks to the special people in your life with these 13 simple and inexpensive ideas.

By: Lexi Walters Wright

When you consider the people you’ve interacted with in the past year, are there some whose efforts you’re especially grateful for? Show them! Use these 13 simple (and affordable) ideas to express your appreciation to the memorable people in your life.


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  1. Give a Hand-written Note: Try a sweet, “I’m so thankful to have you as a neighbor all these years” note or an, “I appreciate your wave from the porch — it brightens my day!” postcard.
  2. Express Your Gratitude Online: Write a post on Facebook that gives public applause: “My nephew shoveled my driveway for me without being asked. What a guy!”
  3. Lend a Hand: Offer to drive them to an appointment, pick up groceries or take their pet for a walk.
  4. Gift a Flower Bouquet or a Green Thumb: Bundle a few flowers from your own garden or help them tend to theirs!
  5. Write a Positive Review: Did you witness excellent service? Use a site platform to express your regular appreciation of, for example, your hairdresser’s or handyman’s talents.
  6. Send a “Thinking About You!” Text: Or a, “Good luck with your meeting!” or, “Can’t wait to see you next weekend!” text.
  7. Extend an Invitation: Tea, a movie date or a walk. Listen unconditionally.
  8. Volunteer: Help your friend at an event she’s hosting or in her honor.
  9. Drop off Homemade Food: And unexpectedly. Double the recipe of whatever sweet or savory goodie you’re making and share one.
  10. Craft Something Comforting: Use whatever skills you have to make a cozy scarf, useful set of potholders, stunning blanket, calming candle, etc.
  11. Pick up the Tab: Whether at a restaurant or for a service they receive regularly — like a manicure, tennis lesson, etc.
  12. Share Your Favorite Photo of the Two of You: Frame it and wrap it up, and then include a note about why it means so much to you.
  13. Send a Book: Considering gifting one that you enjoyed and that also made you think of that person. Tuck in a note to let them know why.

We could keep the list going, but we would actually love to hear how you like to show your thanks. So log in or register for P&G everyday and share your ideas below.

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