12 Ways to Motivate Your Children, Inspired by Moms of Olympians

12 Ways to Motivate Your Children, Inspired by Moms of Olympians

12 Ways to Motivate Your Children, Inspired by Moms of Olympians

What does it take to raise an Olympian? A mom.

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A mom’s words and actions are of the greatest importance in helping their kids reach their goals. No matter where they’re from, stories told by the moms of Olympians are held together by a common thread.

A mom gives her all to make her kids’ dreams come true. Through countless sacrifices, she selflessly loves, nurtures, provides and motivates. She sets alarm clocks, does laundry and dishes, makes lunches and dinners. She always picks us back up after we fall and encourages us to try again. Because mom dedicates her life to supporting and serving her family, we at P&G, have made it our mission to help moms help their kids.

So, in honour of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the athletes competing, we will happily take on our role of Proud Sponsor of Moms. Not only will we be sponsoring 21 athletes and their mothers, we will be celebrating every mom around the world who, day after day, help their children achieve their dreams. Whether she has an Olympian at home or not, here are 12 things only moms can do to help their children achieve their potential.

1. Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind
From the time their children are born, a mom is in the first row watching her children grow. Who better than she can notice what they are naturally drawn to, what they come to love, what their strengths are and what their differences are, too? This awareness gives moms an innate ability to accept a child’s gift from a young age and prepare for what the future holds for their children.

2. Steer Them, Don’t Force Them
A mom might be really competitive herself, but when it comes to helping her children reach their dreams, she encourages them and helps them find their own way to achieve it. A mom shows them support without being authoritative or showing competitiveness.

3. Encourage Them to Have Fun
For a child to achieve something, it has to be fun. “Do it because you love it” — a mom is one person to encourage her child to build and follow their dreams around what they love above all else. Whether it’s swimming or singing, being relaxed and happy about addressing any challenge is a sure way for a child to be at his best.

4. Let Them Be Themselves
It’ perfectly normal for a mom to harbour secret dreams for her children, but they’re not disappointed if their children’s dreams turn out to be (very) different from what she had in mind. Regardless of what she had thought, a mom empowers her children to become who they want to be and set their own goals along the way.

5. Show Your Support
Whatever they do, moms are always supportive through both actions and words. Be their first fan. Through their downfalls and successes, mom should always be that one thing that never changes. She is there to love and support them, unconditionally, and always support and encourage them to continue following their dreams, even in the face of defeat.


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6. Think Positively
In the long winding road that leads your children to their dreams, there will probably be bumps. And a mom can’t help but feel helpless. And sometimes, a mom can’t fix it. She can, however, always be the one to listen, give advice and more importantly, help her child see any challenge or setback as a way to grow and learn.

A mom’s words and stories give strength and hope to her children.

7. Tell Them to Try and Try Again
“You can do this.” Your children might be tempted to give up on their dream because they feel lost or insecure at times. A mom’s role is to steer them to try and try again, and to take things one step at a time, it’s just the best way to get something done.

8. Learn to Let Go
To improve their skills, kids might need to spend more time away from their family. Letting go of her child is one of the hardest things a mom will ever do in life, but it’s this momentous occasion that is key to letting her child approach his dream. In the end, letting go of her child can be truly rewarding.

9. Set An Example: Work, Sacrifice, Love, Enjoy
One of the greatest lessons a child will learn from his mom is that life is not easy. By setting an example to her child of the hard work and sacrifices she made in her own life, a mom instils in her child that if he wants to achieve his dream, hard work is the only method.

10. Be Involved
Some kids will choose to follow their mom’s path or passion, but often, they will choose a dream or a field that mom knows nothing about. However, you can make the effort to understand what your children’s passions are. Whether it’s becoming team manager of the cross-country team or learning to read music, a mom engages in her children’s favourite activities in any way possible to support them.

11. Be a Safe Place

No matter which walk of life they choose, children need a safe place to which they can return. The place, however, may not necessarily be a structure. That place is mom. Nowhere can they get the reassurance in life that a mom can provide them. Wherever a child’s mom can be found, it is home. And in that home, the child can relax, laugh and feel strong.

12. Give Them Perspective
Some children will become obsessed with their goal and be hard on themselves. A mom helps them expand out a little bit, keep balance, get perspective and show them all kinds of things — sometimes things they may have never known existed.

A mom is a teacher. She is a coach, a foundation and the true meaning of home. We’re proud to sponsor them.

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