A New Take on Chore Charts

A New Take on Chore Charts

Use these 5 ideas to get ready for cleaning and make chores fun for kids.

Chore charts are a great way to provide visual reminders about what needs to be done, and can help our kids become more organized and settled into their new daily routines and chores. No one ever said they had to be boring, either!

1. Give Your Children Choices
Just like adults, kids will have some chores they don’t mind doing and others they absolutely detest.

List all the chores out and then have children pick a couple items per day. Attaching a bigger reward to those less desirable tasks may also help to increase their motivation. With older children, allow them more power in choosing when they want to get their chores done.

2. Make Your Chore Chart Age Appropriate 
Younger children will need a more visual and concrete chore chart system. You remember this age – you lived for the now and needed instant gratification. This simple chart should have clear visual cues and a space to add a sticker or checkmark once the task has been completed.

Even little ones can wipe up some spills with Bounty paper towels! And as your child gets older, basic daily routines should become more of a regular habit, and you can start to add more difficult tasks, like Swiffering the floors.

3. Make it into a Game
Even chores can be more fun when you make a game out of them! Try writing the chores on ice pop sticks and have your children randomly pick their chores each week. Once they have all chosen their sticks, they can even try trading them with each other. This also gives them a chance to do a variety of different tasks each week instead of the doing the same things over and over again.

4. Be Consistent
Whatever chore chart system you choose, it will not be successful unless you use it. Keep it simple and located in a prominent place that both you and your child can access. A portable chore chart can help keep your child focused if the chores are spread out throughout the house.

5. Praise Them
As wonderful as chore charts can be, nothing quite compares to a big hug and an, “Awesome job!” from parents once your child has completed his chores. Offer lots of praise and encouragement for a job well done (even if it may not quite be up to your standards)!

Do you have any sure-fire ways to get your kids to help out around the house? Let us know in the comments section below!


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