7 Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy!

Break from the usual Halloween candy tradition and hand out one of these fun treats!

Halloween is no doubt a fun time for both kids and their parents. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up as their favourite characters, getting a little crafty or running around the neighbourhood in search of treats?

If you’re prepping for the crowds of trick-or-treaters coming your way, but worried about the potential number of cavities (which can be fought with Kids’ Crest Toothpaste ) and bellyaches to come, consider some of these candy-free goodies.

And before you start fretting about being known as the “lame” house on the block, know that you don’t necessarily have to appeal to a sweet tooth to see a smile!

Tip: If you’re offering allergy-free options like these, be sure to put a teal-coloured pumpkin on your porch. As part of the Teal Pumpkin Project™, children with food allergies will know that your house is offering safe trick-or-treat options specially for them!

1. Quench Their Thirst
After running around for an hour or two, the ghouls and goblins are bound to work up a thirst. Try handing out water bottles with single-serve flavour packets or 100% juice pouches to satisfy the sweetness craving without the negative consequences.

2. Toys: A Welcome Distraction
Toy cars are good play-anywhere toys. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll end up contributing a rare one to a child’s beloved collection.

Glow sticks and light-up toys are always fun to wave around in the dark, and as an added bonus, they increase the visibility of children in the neighbourhood!

3. Get Musical
On the subject of safety, items that make noise can also ensure kids won’t get lost on the neighbourhood streets. Consider whistles and other musical noisemakers as a giveaway gift. Let’s face it, kids love making themselves heard. So give them a night to do just that!

4. For the Monster Sniffles
Depending on where you live, kids may be fighting off some monster sniffles while trick-or-treating. Why not offer up some Puffs To Go Packs? They even come in different designs so kiddos can choose their favourite!

5. Go Bulk
Some classic toys, like plastic army men and bouncy balls, can be purchased in bulk quantities from a dollar store or vending machines. They’re fun, inexpensive and contain no cavity-causing sugar.

6. Wear Them Out!
Fake plastic jewellery, including spider rings, Mardi Gras beads and even plastic vampire fangs, can make fun wearables for children. Let them choose which will work best with their already-awesome Halloween costumes!

Additionally, temporary tattoos are always big hits, and cartoon-decorated bandages are fun to take home and use in the future.

7. Craft Supplies
Children love making things, right? Let’s encourage their creativity by handing out small packets of activities they can use to be crafty.

Build packets of craft staples, like mouldable clay, crayons, stickers and coloured pencils, to hand out to your visitors. You can even print and hand out these pumpkin colouring sheets to your little trick-or-treaters! This treat will keep the party going for days after Halloween.

Whatever you decide to pass out on Halloween night, be sure to keep the focus on fun and safety – and get a little more creative with your offerings this year. What treats will you be offering? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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