Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Create a costume in minutes – especially helpful if your little one keeps changing his mind.

The kids can’t decide what they want to be for trick or treat? Or have they changed their minds for the fifteenth time?

We know how you feel. Either way, now you’re trying to pull a costume together from what you have lying around the house. Let us help. Here are a few quick ideas to make creating the right look just a little easier.


Make Your Mummy
Start by darkening your child’s eyes with eyeshadow or 
Covergirl Bombshell Intensity Eyeliner for a more authentic mummy look. Use a few rolls of Charmin toilet paper, medical wrap or even rags (or a combination of these) to wrap your mummy and secure the wrap with strong clear tape, like packing tape. Avoid the rain – you don’t want a melted mummy!


Classic Ghost

Likely the oldest costume trick, find a white sheet and cut out a face. Just make sure that your spooky one can see out of the holes – and won’t trip on the sheet. Trim the length of the costume as needed. 


Rock Star

Pull out some dress up clothes and let the kids loose. A few pieces of jewelry, sunglasses and rocker hair will do the trick. You’ll need hairspray to help create a slicked or spiked style. Try Pantene Volume Touchable Hairspray for big hair and big curls, or try a colorful wig if you have one. Top it off with lipstick, like Outlast Longwear Lipstick in red siren, that will keep her lips moist and bright through hours of trick-or-treating.


It’s Raining Cats & Dogs

Likely the most creative costume of the bunch; if you have an umbrella, stuffed animal cats and dogs and a glue gun, you’re prepared to make it “rain cats and dogs.” Secure the stuffed cats and dogs to the umbrella with the glue gun or super glue (for a permanent hold). If your child is set on removing his beloved friends after trick or treat, try using string and tape or Velcro. Try dressing your child in a raincoat and boots for an added costume boost and full effect.


Princess, Pirate or Athlete

Chances are you have a number of dress-up clothing options in your princess’ or little pirate’s toy box already. Use them! Does your child play a sport, or take dance classes? Reuse the uniform or outfit for that activity. 

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