3 Creative Ways to Create Sand Art Mementos

Turn your summer vacation souvenirs into unique home décor with these 3 ideas.

You love collecting souvenirs from your family vacations, but never seem to put them to use in your home. Sound familiar? Read on for three creative ways to turn your travel keepsakes into unique home décor.

1. Beach Vacation Keepsake Jar
Create this whimsical jar as a reminder of your trip to the beach. Include photos of your family, a postcard or shells to personalize it.

Mason jar
Shells or rocks
Other small collectibles or souvenirs
Small label

Cleaning sand: Bake the sand on a cookie sheet at 120 C (250 F) for one hour to kill bacteria. Let the sand cool before use.

Colouring sand: Mix the sand with powdered tempera paint in various shades. You can find tempera powder in the paint section of your local craft store.


  1. Place a handful or two of sand into the jar
  2. Insert postcard as background in the jar
  3. Insert shells, rocks, and other collectibles and souvenirs into the jar
  4. Write your vacation destination on a small label and place on front

Tip: Collect some weathered sea glass on your next beach vacation and use it to decorate your home.

2. Sand Ornament
Display a little bit of summer with these fun ornaments.

Cookie cutter
Wax paper
Craft glue
Ribbon or twine 


  1. Trace cookie cutter design onto wax paper
  2. Outline drawing with glue. Once dry, fill in the outline with a thin layer of glue
  3. Sprinkle sand over glue and allow to set but not dry. Use straw to cut a hole for the ribbon
  4. Allow ornament to dry for 24 hours. Loop ribbon through the hole and hang

3. Sand Castings
Capture your child's handprints in sand with this simple casting idea.

Pie pan
Plaster of Paris
Zip-top bag


  1. Fill pie pan with sand. Smooth and flatten the surface
  2. Have child press hands into sand, about 1 to 1 1/2 centimetres (1/2 inch) deep
  3. Mix Plaster of Paris in baggie according to package directions and pour into indentation
  4. Using the skewer, write child's name and age on the plaster
  5. Allow plaster to dry for one hour, or until firm
  6. Remove casting from pan and allow to dry for 24 hours 

Tip: Mould footprints, shells or other objects from vacation and create a variety of castings.

What’s your favourite way to display summer vacation finds? Log in or register and tell us in the comments section below!


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