Olay Luminous Advanced Tone Perfecting Micellar Water

Effortlessly cleanse, hydrate and brighten the look of your skin tone with Olay Luminous Micellar Water. This facial cleanser removes makeup and impurities in one step, without harsh scrubbing or drying out skin. It’s formulated with rice bran and aloe extract, and gently sweeps away impurities and leave skin feeling refreshed, clean and illuminated. With a convenient and mess-free pump, this makeup remover is simple to use, requires no rinsing afterwards and won’t leave behind any oil residue.

  • Effortlessly removes face and eye makeup in one step without rinsing or drying out skin
  • Leaves skin looking brightened, evenly toned and feeling refreshed
  • Hydrates skin for a luminous, healthy-looking and youthful glow
  • Formulated with rice bran and aloe extract to gently sweep away impurities
  • Lightweight and won’t leave oil residue on skin for a smooth and conditioned complexion

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