Your Beauty Schedule: What to Do Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Beyond

Taking care of your hair and skin is simple when you have a routine to stick to.

You want to take good care of your skin and hair — and you’re typically on top of the daily maintenance — but what should you be doing on a weekly and monthly basis?

Here are some beauty routine tips to try daily, weekly and beyond.

Daily Beauty Routine

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, know that not every day is going to be your best beauty day. We all have bad hair days, sudden blemishes and unexpected emergencies, but remember: They happen to the best of us. Don’t let these days get you down!

To make sure your hair and skin are healthy, incorporate these daily steps:

1. Wash Your Face

In the morning, splash your face with some cool water to help reduce puffiness around the eyes. Before you go to bed, use a gentle cleanser to remove a day’s worth of dirt and pollutants.

2. Choose a Moisture-rich Body Wash

If your skin is easily irritated or prone to flakiness, you should avoid most bar soaps, as they may dry out your skin. Instead, try Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter for superior hydration that improves the condition of your skin over time.

3. Put on Sunscreen

We suggest this step with your long-term health in mind. Even on days when you can’t see the sun, use a daily moisturizer with an SPF to shield your face from harmful UV rays. Try Olay Total Effects Whips SPF 25, a breathable, nourishing moisturizer that will help protect your skin from the sun.

4. Care for Your Hair

While you probably don’t need to wash your hair every day (second-day hair anyone?), be sure to brush it out. For days when you decide to skip a wash, use Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam to remove extra oil from any hair type, from curly to fine. Plus, it contains no sulphates or parabens!

Weekly Beauty Routine

On a weekly basis, make sure to exfoliate your face and skin, and give your hair an extra conditioning boost. Here are three steps to add to your weekly routine:

1. Exfoliate Your Body

That beloved body wash you swear by and have been using for years? No need to switch it out. After washing, exfoliate your wet skin with a damp washcloth, using a circular motion and a firm but gentle hand. This manual exfoliating action will help reveal newer skin underneath. No need to scrub — easy does it!

2. Exfoliate Your Face

Once a week, after you’ve cleaned your face, combine an exfoliating facial scrub with a facial cleansing brush to deep clean your face and remove dead skin. Our suggestion? The Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Cleansing Brush and Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub Cleanser. Used together, they clean and prime your face for hydration.

Be sure not to exfoliate your face too much, especially if you have sensitive skin. Once or twice a week will do the trick.

3. Pamper Your Hair and Scalp

For your hair, a weekly hydrating hair mask — like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist — is a great option. Also, giving yourself a 10-minute scalp massage can help promote the health of your scalp and hair.

Monthly or Quarterly Beauty Routine

As the seasons change and the weather fluctuates, your beauty needs change, too. We suggest switching up your routine in the following ways:

1. Reassess the Skin Care Products You’re Using

Your skin needs change with the seasons, so make sure to adapt your skin care routine accordingly. In the winter, it’s important to find the right moisturizer for your skin and protect it from cooler weather. In the summer, sunscreen is key.

2. Get Your Hair Trimmed

Cutting off any split ends doesn’t help your hair grow faster (that’s an old myth). However, your hair will seem like it’s growing faster because the ends won’t be breaking off.

3. Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

Once a quarter, wash your makeup brushes with a cleanser designed for the task. You should also go through your makeup bag and toss any outdated cosmetics, from mascara (after three months) to liquid foundation (after six months to a year) to lipstick (after one year).

What are the big parts of your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments below!


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