10 Tips for Holiday Beauty from Head to Toe

10 Tips for Holiday Beauty from Head to Toe

Use these 10 tips to get a polished holiday look that will turn heads all season long.

The weather outside may be frightful, but these 10 holiday beauty tips will help you light up any room you walk into.

1. Plan Ahead for Lovely Locks
Subtle color can add depth to any cut. Consider adding some holiday glow by asking your hair stylist to add highlights, lowlights or balayage to your locks. If dye isn’t your thing, make sure your hair looks shiny and healthy by washing it with the Pantene Charcoal Collection. The Purifying Root Wash contains activated charcoal that cleanses your hair and scalp to help remove dirt and impurities, and the Renewing Cream Rinse soothes your strands from root to tip with notes of mint leaves, waterlily and amber.

2. Get Glowing Skin
Treat yourself to softer, healthier-looking skin with a facemask! Our current favourite is Olay’s mess-free version: the Fresh Reset Pink Mineral Complex Clay Face Mask Stick. It micro-polishes away clogging surface cells, instantly resetting tired skin for the ultimate fresh look and feel. Plus, the convenient stick form lets you precisely target certain areas of your face.

3. Choose a Flattering Hairstyle
The holidays are a great time to experiment with new styles. There are plenty of elegant choices – check out our updo recommendations based on your hair type.

4. Add Hair Accessories That Shine
Rhinestone-studded hair clips or a sparkling hair band can add a touch of sophistication to any ’do. Thes
A pair of chandelier or dangling crystal earrings complement sparkling hair accessories and bring the eyes down to the real showstopper: your face!

5. Dangle Some Dazzle
A pair of chandelier or dangling crystal earrings complement sparkling hair accessories and bring the eyes down to the real showstopper: your face!

6. Twinkle up Your Toes
Look for pumps with a sparkling metallic finish or jewel-studded accents to put some shimmer in your step. Want to dial down the sparkle a bit? Seek out flats with velvet texture and a subtle jewel tone – think deep plum or forest green.

7. Flirt with Ruby-Red Lips
“Red lips are a chic look for holidays,” says celebrity makeup artist Jackie Shawn. “Influenced by the ’40s, a red lip can work for all ages.” Ready to go bold? First exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush to remove dry or dead skin. Then carefully apply your lipstick or stain. To prevent bleeding or feathering, apply a bit of concealer around the border of your lips.

8. Sensationalize Your Eyes
A sultry, smoky eye is easy to pull off when you follow Shawn’s no-fail method:

  1. Using a black pencil liner, work from the inner to outer corner of the upper lash line using small strokes
  2. Smudge the line using a cotton swab
  3. Line the inner lower lash line, working outward
  4. Smudge with a cotton swab
  5. Apply metallic gray eye shadow over the entire upper lid, right up to the brow bone, concentrating the color at the lash line

9. Play up Your Nails
If you’re already going for a throwback look, why not complete it with vintage nails? Apply dark polish to trimmed and shaped nails, and then paint a silver metallic stripe up the middle of each nail.

10. Give Yourself the Gift of Whiter Teeth
Complete your holiday look with a confident smile. Start seeing a whiter smile in just three days with Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips. They remove 10 years of tough, set-in stains from coffee and wine, and they work 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste, too!*

How are you prepping for upcoming holiday parties? Log in or register to share your beauty secrets in the comments section.

*When toothpaste is used for 4 weeks.


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