What to do with the Clothes You No Longer Wear

What to do with the Clothes You No Longer Wear

Check out our 4 tips for going through those clothes that you never wear anymore.

On average, it’s estimated that we only wear about 20 percent of the clothes in our closet. That means there’s a lot in there that’s never going to see the light of day again!

So let’s take a look at the pieces that we all have lurking in dark corners of our closet and consider how best to deal with them:

1. The Dress with the Tags Still Attached
After seeing that beautiful dress in the store, you coveted it for months and kept going back to try it on. But it was more than you could justify spending on a “special occasion” dress, so it never came home with you … until it went on sale! But it’s been sitting in your closet ever since, with each passing occasion never seeming quite right.

Our advice: Wear it with conviction! If you truly love it, it’ll make you feel fabulous all night long, no matter what the occasion.

2. The Much-loved Jacket That’s a Bit Too Small
It’s been your go-to jacket for interviews, conferences and all sorts of nerve-racking moments in your life. It was there for you through thick and thin, but it’s been hanging in your wardrobe for years – a remnant of more youthful days.

Thank it for its loyal service, and then let it go! Donate it to a local charity, and treat yourself to a new jacket that gives you the same confidence to take its place.

3. The Top You Love but Ration Wearing
Are you worried that if you wear your favourite garments too frequently, they’ll wear out sooner? Perhaps you’re concerned that regular washing will shorten its lifespan? That may have been the case in your mother’s day, but modern washing machines, detergents and fabric conditioners are designed to prolong the life of your clothes – not ruin them!

Try using Tide PODS® Free & Gentle Laundry Detergent – specially designed for sensitive skin – to fight stains and brighten your favourite fabrics. And be sure to add Downy Free & Gentle Liquid Fabric Softener to your load to soften, freshen and protect clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz.

4. The Shoes with the Scuffed Toes and the Broken Heel
It’s no secret – we’re hard on our shoes! So they need lots of TLC if they’re going to provide us with years of well-heeled service. With a little effort and just a few minutes, you can find easy solutions for common wear and tear:

  • If your leather shoes have seen better days, try rubbing in some leather cream to polish them up and prevent future cracking.
  • Place one Bounce dryer sheet into each of your shoes to freshen and neutralize odours. Just don’t forget to take them out before wearing!
  • If they need re-soling or re-heeling, try taking them to a local shoe cobbler. The cost of small repairs is usually cheaper than buying a brand new pair.
  • Try using a Mr. Clean Extra Durable Magic Eraser to remove grass stains, grime and other scuff marks from your dirt-ridden sneakers.

What are your best closet cleanout tips? or register for P&G everyday and let us know in the comments below!



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