How to Make Your Wardrobe Stress Free

Stressed about that cluttered closet? Try four tips for streamlining your wardrobe.

By: Sydne Summer

Keeping a tidy wardrobe seems simple in theory. But unless you have a walk-in closet the size of an apartment, things always tend to get out of hand. You shouldn't feel bad about it. It happens. Luckily, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make it happen less often. Just remember, like weight loss, this is a work in progress. Your closet isn't going to clean itself and remain spotless overnight.

Step 1: Spring Cleaning
The first step is streamlining your closet. I usually make two piles: One for items I am going to donate, and one for items I plan to sell.

The donation pile usually consists of pieces that have a small stain, rip or are out of fashion. Most people have way too many T-shirts or workout pants hanging out in their closet. Minimize, save space and give back.

My second pile is full of items that I like, but never wear. For example, a sweater you bought on impulse two years ago or pants that are too big after you successfully shed some kilos. Knowing that you'll get a little money back for these items can help you part with them. Research consignment stores in your area to find who has the best deals. And be strategic about it. Bring summer items in May and winter items in September. You'll be more likely to get more bang for your buck.

Step 2: Organize 
Once you've parted with those extra pieces in your wardrobe, it's time to organize. I sort by type, then colour. It will make your life so much easier when you're putting an outfit together and are looking for a pink blouse, for instance. You just look in that section of your closet, preventing you from digging around and ultimately creating a mess.

Step 3: Put it Away
This is one of the hardest steps. Every time you get undressed, immediately put whatever you want to wash in the hamper and everything else back in your closet. Notice the word immediately. We've all been there. You get home from work and you're exhausted. You drape your skirt and blouse over your dresser and think you'll put it away the next day. This usually results in a pile of clothing that’s still there after a week, and that pile can become daunting and stressful.

Another time you should always put away clothes is right when you're done with your laundry or when you return from picking up clothes at the dry cleaner. If you need to, put aside time in you day planner. Whatever works for you is fine, but make it happen!

Step 4: Plan Ahead
When you have some downtime in your hectic schedule, play dress up. Create outfits for different occasions, from the office to dinner dates to casual weekends. Since you have the time, it can be a fun activity.

Snap pictures of yourself in these outfits so you can remember them later. That way, when you're in a rush, you don't toss items on the floor and scream that you have nothing to wear. You always have a back-up plan. Planning ahead is your secret weapon. Just remember when you're done playing dress up to put everything away where it came from!

As the founder and editor-in-chief of SydneStyle, Sydne connects with her readers through her inspirational yet achievable style, while providing how-to solutions, trend spotting and styling advice. She currently lives in West Hollywood with her very chic rescue dog, Bunny.


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