Fashion Trends from Around the World You’ll Want to Steal

Fashion Trends from Around the World You’ll Want to Steal

Shrug off those sweaters and get some spring style inspiration from well-dressed women around the globe.

We can almost feel the first warm breezes of spring, and with them, some fresh and exciting fashion trends to brighten up your closet. If you want to freshen up your spring wardrobe, try these style ideas from some of the most fashionable women around the world. Even if you’re just grocery shopping or sitting in the carpool line, you’ll look like you’re in France … or Spain … or Italy!


French style feels effortlessly chic and endlessly cool. So what’s the secret to achieving it? Find your own personal style and stick to it. The French aren’t victims of this-minute fashion and throwaway culture, and they work to build their stylish uniforms by investing in classic, quality wardrobe pieces that last. This season, you’ll see them playing with masculine fashion, embracing tailoring and shopping in the men’s department.

Style takeaway: A plaid suit jacket can become a staple piece in your wardrobe. Wear it with a coordinating skirt, or throw it over a white shirt and jeans to update your casual look – either way, it’s a great investment piece. Skip the dry cleaners and clean odours from blazers and other hard-to-wash fabrics by spritzing them with Febreze FABRIC.


While international fashion trends are on the rise in India, women in this country are finding ways to modify traditional attire and make stunning fashion statements. From denim sarees to glamorous gowns, Indian women embrace bold colors, patterns and contrasts – for instance, don’t be surprised to see them wearing modern shirts under more traditional dresses.

Style takeaway: Mix and match different textures and color palettes in your wardrobe, and try combining fabrics and styles that don’t “naturally” go together. Fashion should be playful, so experiment. Wear daytime and evening pieces together, and add a touch of sparkle to your looks with bold jewellery. This spring, Indian style influencers will be embracing strong florals, statement suits and the color green, from soft mint to leafy forest shades. Help keep your colors bright by using Tide PODS detergent pacs, and add a springtime floral scent to your clothes – while protecting them from stretching and fading – by adding Downy Infusions to the wash cycle.

United Kingdom

Known for being adventurous, British tastemakers are daring, bold and versatile when it comes to their spring wardrobe. Embracing a mix of high-end and main-street fashion, Brit style never takes itself too seriously. Throw lace slip dresses over shirts, wear loafers with evening gowns and embrace statement earrings to emulate British women and stand out from the crowd.

Style takeaway: A basic short sleeve is not enough this season. Sleeves on shirts and blouses will be ruffled, sculptured and fashion forward. Go bold and contrast flamboyant sleeves with high-waisted jeans or a cut-off denim skirt and finish the look with a statement necklace and quirky heels. Reduce wrinkles and keep your tops and bottoms virtually static-free by tossing a Bounce dryer sheet into the dry cycle.


Russian women are eclectic and adventurous. For them, fashion isn’t about buying something from a chain store – instead, Russian style is about reinvention and experimentation. Mixing vintage finds with pieces from local designers, style leaders mix street style, retro sportswear and edgy, oversized shapes.

Style takeaway: Play with your proportions. Borrow from the boys and team oversized sweatshirts with your favourite summer dress, or pair billowing suit trousers with tank tops.


Italian women epitomize glamour – their casual looks are still polished. They’re not afraid of a tailored coat, stand-out gold earrings, bold patterns and luxe fabrics like leather and embroidered silk. They also like to mix evening heels with everyday wear.

Style takeaway: Your outfit isn’t complete without a good pair of sunglasses. Take the time to find a few pairs that suit your face shape, and then wear them all season, come rain or shine, for an extra touch of glamour.


With many clothes-store giants hailing from Spain, the country is more responsible for global fashion trends then you might think. With an eye for style and a look that is polished, yet relaxed, Spanish women are your go-to for warm-weather style inspiration. Think light white dresses, gold earrings and fawn-collared sandals.

Style takeaway: Espadrilles are part of Spanish style DNA and are guaranteed to make any item in your wardrobe feel instantly ready for a springtime adventure.

Which country do you take style inspiration from? What are your wardrobe essentials? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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