10 Tips for Holiday Beauty from Head to Toe

10 Tips for Holiday Beauty from Head to Toe

Use these 10 tips for a holiday look that turns heads all season long.

The weather outside may be frightful, but with these 10 quick tips, you’ll be lighting up any room you walk into.

1. Plan Ahead for Lovely Locks
Consider adding some holiday glow the affordable way with at-home highlights or colour.

2. Up the Glam with an Updo
The holidays are a great time to experiment with new styles. There are plenty of updos to choose from, so don’t feel stuck!

3. Hair Accessories that Shine
Rhinestone-studded hair clips or a sparkling hair band can add a touch of elegance to any hairdo. These little touches that give off a glamorous feel can take any look up a notch.

4. Dangle Some Dazzle
A pair of chandelier or dangling crystal earrings complement the hair accessories and bring the eyes down to the real show stopper: your face!

5. Get Glowing Skin
Treat yourself to softer, healthier-looking skin with an exfoliation treatment like Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser.

6. Give Yourself the Gift of Whiter Teeth
Putting your best foot forward includes having a confident smile. Get a radiant smile nearly overnight with products like Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal No Slip Technology.


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7. Twinkle up Your Toes
Look for pumps with a sparkling metallic finish or a jewel-studded accents to put some shimmer in your step.

8. Flirt with Ruby-red Lips
“Red lips are a chic look for holidays,” says celebrity makeup artist Jackie Shawn. “Influenced by the ’40s, a red lip can work for all ages with modification.”

9. Sensationalize Your Eyes
A sultry shadow treatment is easy to pull off when you follow Shawn's no-fail method:

  1. Using a black pencil liner, work from the inner to outer corner of the upper lash line using small strokes
  2. Smudge the line using a cotton swab
  3. Line the inner lower lash line, working outward
  4. Smudge with a cotton swab
  5. Apply metallic grey eyeshadow over the entire upper lid, right up to the brow bone, concentrating the colour at the lash line

10. Play up Your Nails

For an exciting evening look, try dark polish with a silver metallic stripe up the middle. If you’re already going for a throwback look, why not complete the ensemble with vintage nails, too?

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