Tips and Tricks from a Busy, Blogging Beauty Mom

Tips and Tricks from a Busy, Blogging Beauty Mom

Kristie Burnett, Lucky FABB contest winner, shares her beauty essentials.

Kristie Burnett is the mastermind behind Blushing BASICS, a beauty blog chock full of insider tips, tricks and makeup tutorials. In addition to maintaining her blog, Kristie also works as a makeup and hair photo shoot stylist. Most recently, she was the winner of Lucky FABB's beauty blogging contest. Lucky FABB, a conference presented by P&G Beauty and Grooming, connects influential bloggers with beauty insiders. Conference attendees were asked to describe their blogs in a one-word tweet to @PGBeauty to be entered into the beauty blogging contest. Kristie tweeted “Pretty,” and we knew she was the winner!

When Kristie’s not on the job, she’s a wife and mother of three and resides with her family in Denver, Colo.

We love her blog and are honoured to have the chance to speak with her and get the inside scoop behind her best beauty secrets.

StyleUnited: What products do you use every single day?

Kristie Burnett: Every day I do my brows, lips, cheeks, face — everything. I wear nail polish every day, there is rarely a day you'll see me without polished nails. Right now, I am in love with Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, and my favourite colour is Snow Storm.

SU: Do you have a makeup signature style?

KB: Yes, I would say my makeup signature is liquid eyeliner. It's the most popular tutorial on my blog, and it's something I wear every day. When I don't wear liquid eyeliner, I feel a little naked! I've been putting it on for so long — I started wearing it as a teenager (I'm 32 now), so it's a pretty quick and painless application.

SU: What are your go-to products for a no-makeup makeup look?

KB: BB cream, a good bronzer and probably a cream blush. You can multi-purpose all of these products. Your cream blush can also work as a lipgloss or cheek colour, your bronzer can double as an eye shadow and a BB cream is great for sheer, all-over coverage.

SU: Do you have a skincare secret you could share with us?


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KB: I don't know if it's really a secret, but my best advice is to exfoliate regularly. And not only your face but your entire body as well. Makeup goes on better, self tanner goes on better, your skin looks younger and healthier. Exfoliation is a miracle worker!

SU: What's the best beauty hack (a quick, cool trick or tip that makes life a lot easier) you've learned since starting your blog?

KB: I actually learned a great trick from a Halloween costume. One year, my husband and I dressed up for Halloween, and I wore my hair in a bouffant-like poof. When I took it out at the end of the night, my hair had this amazing volume. I realized that clipping my hair up immediately after blow-drying lets it cool and set, and the volume will hold throughout the day. Just use a big, wide toothed clip immediately after blow-drying (while your hair is still warm). Do your makeup and then take it down. Voila — you’ve got major volume!

SU: What's your daily skincare routine?

KB: Every morning, I wash my face and use an eye cream, face serum and lotion with sunscreen built in. Sunscreen is super important to me — the rest you can do without, but sunscreen is essential.

SU: What’s one beauty rule you love to break?

KB: My motto for beauty is: If it makes you feel beautiful, you're doing it right. I believe there are no real rules in makeup. There are these certain rules that people throw out, like if you're wearing a dark eye don't do bold lips. I say if you like it, if you feel good in it, then just go for it.

SU: How does your makeup influence your personal style (or vice versa)?

KB: I think it's a reflection of both. Fashion trends change so often, so naturally your makeup trends will change with it. Just like fashion has its classics (like the little black dress), makeup has its classics, too. For example, black liquid liner will always be in style. There are a handful of staples that will always be good.

Thank you so much, Kristie!

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