Quick Makeover from Chef to Party Hostess

Quick Makeover from Chef to Party Hostess

These five steps help you get prepped and looking great in an instant.

When the clock is ticking, smart time-management is key to accomplishing all the work required — including looking party-ready.

You’ve cooked, roasted and baked for hours, wrapped presents and prepared for days. In the weeks leading up to the party, you’ve shopped and decorated your home to perfection. Now, it’s time for guests to arrive for the family holiday feast. The table is set — you, on the other hand, are not.

The clock says 3:25 p.m. In just over a half-hour, you’ll be opening the door, smiling at all your friends and relatives and looking like you stepped out of a magazine. How do you pull off a quick-change from chef into the perfect hostess?

Here are five tips for prepping and getting ready in no time:

1. Prepare
Do what can be done in advance and be prepared for any last minute changes. Make sure you have your clothes laid out, accessories selected and makeup ready to be applied.

2. Organize
Time it out and divide it into increments, check the clock to make sure you’re on target.


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3. Prioritize
Create a to-do list with tasks in order of importance. Do the “musts” first and if things on the bottom don’t get done, take a deep breath. It’s going to be fine.

4. Delegate
Your husband, sister and parents can all pitch in to help with the final house and meal preparations. Once the children are ready, they can help set the table and relax with a movie.

To stay on track, here are three, 10-minute tasks that’ll help you mange the makeover on schedule:

  1. Shower: Rinse off the day’s work, dry off and moisturize.
  2. Slip on a dress. Whoosh — over your head and you’re already looking party ready. Skip the separates. Add a scarf, jewellery and slip on your tights and shoes.
  3. Hair and makeup: Do a casual yet attractive updo and add a holiday accessory. Keep makeup to a minimum. Apply a good base of foundation, one coat of mascara to your top lashes and a swipe or two of lip stain and you should be all set. Otherwise pare it down to the essentials!

You did it with a couple minutes to spare. Now breathe deep, open the door and smile!

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