4 Ways to Work Team Colours into Your Manicure

4 Ways to Work Team Colours into Your Manicure

Try one of these festive and game day-appropriate manicures at the next watch party!

By: Sydne Summer

No matter what team you’re rooting for, always do it in style.

The easiest way to show some football fashion is with a “fan-icure.” Sure, you can go get an intricate design at the local salon, but there are ways you can DIY the “nail-gating” trend with results that are just as chic.

Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Accent Blocking
Colour blocking with an accent nail is the easiest way to do a fan-icure. Pick two colours that represent your team and give yourself a manicure as you normally would, substituting an accent colour on your ring finger.

You can keep as is, or go the full nine yards by adding a football design to the other nails. Simply dip a toothpick in white nail polish to create a criss-cross design like the stitches on a football.

2. The Wave
The wave is a football tradition! Create the look by starting with two of your team colours. Give yourself a manicure with the main colour and let your nails dry completely.


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Add a wave design on the last three of your nails with the accent colour. Outlining it in white or silver will help emphasize the design.

3. Scrimmage Stripes
Start with the darkest colour as the base. Add the middle colour half way up the nail and finish it off with the lightest shade a third of the way up your nail.

Once everything is completely dry, add a stripe down the middle.

4. Over the Moon
A moon manicure is a stylish way to represent any team. Use a toothpick dipped in polish to create a half circle towards the base of the nail, and then fill in the line up to the top of your nail and let dry.

Fill in the remaining nail toward the bottom with your accent colour, and finish it off by adding a white stripe to make it look neater once everything is dry.

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As the founder and editor-in-chief of SydneStyle, Sydne connects with her readers through her inspirational yet achievable style, while providing how-to solutions, trend spotting and styling advice. She currently lives in West Hollywood with her very chic rescue dog, Bunny.

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