How to Dress Office Appropriately During the Summer

How to Dress Office Appropriately During the Summer

Use these easy tips to dress for success — and stay cool — in the office this summer.

By: Sydne Summer

Getting dressed during summer months can be a chore: All you want to do is throw on a loose maxi dress and call it a day. Luckily, there's a little trick called layering. It's your best friend from June through August.

When preparing your office look, start with lightweight basics: either a loose fitting shift dress or a cotton pencil skirt and breathable sleeveless blouse.

If you're more a pants woman, pay attention to fabric. Look for trousers that are mostly cotton, with just a little bit of stretch so they won't wrinkle when you’re sitting down all day. You can also try a bright colour to liven up your mood for summer.

While short shorts are never a good idea for the workplace, if you're not in a corporate environment, you can try a knee-length short. The style actually made a major comeback for spring. Just steer clear of anything too tight. You don't want it to look like you're wearing a bike short!


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Next, add a cardigan. For summer months, a 3/4-length sleeve is a great option. You can slip it on the minute you pull up to work to make your outfit office friendly. If you're in a more corporate environment, try a blazer in lightweight linen.

If you're allowed to wear sandals to the office, then lucky you! Just steer clear of anything strappy. Office-appropriate sandals are usually a peep-toe or a thicker strap with a chunkier heel. If sandals are not allowed, sprinkle a little baby powder into your pumps before you leave the house. This will help absorb any sweat. You can also look for an eyelet pump, which allows your foot to breathe more than leather.

Always keep a summer scarf in your purse, as offices often have the tendency to blast the air conditioning. And you don't want to freeze at your desk! You can drape the scarf over your shoulders while you're at the computer as a shawl. There are so many fun options right now, so try investing a multicolour print that will work with many of your outfits.

A few pieces that should never enter the office (unless you work in an incredibly creative environment) are mini skirts, spaghetti straps and flip-flops. Save those for the weekend!

As the founder and editor-in-chief of SydneStyle, Sydne connects with her readers through her inspirational yet achievable style, while providing how-to solutions, trend spotting and styling advice. She currently lives in West Hollywood with her very chic rescue dog, Bunny.

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