How to Dress for 5 Common Wedding Themes

How to Dress for 5 Common Wedding Themes

Check out these five common warm-weather wedding themes and how to dress for them.

By: Sydne Summer

Now that spring has begun to melt away the winter frost, wedding season is in full gear. Thanks to registries, gift giving is easy. But what to wear? Now that's a whole different story. Here are five different warm-weather wedding themes and tips on how to dress for each one.

1. Beach Chic

  • Go with a fluid fabric, like a chiffon. When the ocean breeze blows, your garment should flow with it.
  • Wear shoes that you don't mind getting sandy. Flats are obviously an easy choice, but if you decide to wear heels, stick with wedges since they’ll withstand the sand much easier than stilettos. Leave those investment shoes at home and opt for a more affordable brand.

2. On a Yacht

  • Skip the long gown unless it's a black-tie affair. You don't want to trip on your dress as you walk up the stairs of a boat!
  • Opt for an updo since it can get very windy on the water. A sleek ponytail looks 10 times more chic than a blowout that covers your face for half the evening. Keep it all in place with Pantene Touchable Volume Hairspray.

3. Garden Party


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  • Color is always welcome among the blooming flowers in a garden. Try a print or a multicolour statement necklace.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen! Outdoor affairs don't always have umbrellas, so you want to make sure you don't burn as the bride says, “I do.” (For lighter feeling lotion with SPF, try Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer.)

4. Rooftop Soiree

  • Brides who have rooftop weddings are often going for a more urban feel. That means darker colors are definitely de rigueur here. You can liven up a black or gray dress with a colourful clutch or heels.
  • Bring a sweater or light jacket. It can get cold on top of a high-rise!

5. Vineyard Fete

  • When you're going to a wedding at a winery, think sophisticated but still laid-back. A cocktail dress is your best bet, unless the invite states otherwise.
  • Go for a deep jewel-toned frock so stains can be hidden easier!

Quick Tip: Never wear white to a wedding unless it is stated in the dress code!

Do you have any tips on what to wear to a wedding? Share them below!

As the founder and editor-in-chief of SydneStyle, Sydne connects with her readers through her inspirational yet achievable style, while providing how-to solutions, trend spotting and styling advice. She currently lives in West Hollywood with her very chic rescue dog, Bunny.

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