4 Ways to Make Your Makeup Look Last

4 Ways to Make Your Makeup Look Last

Use these four easy tricks for getting a practically bulletproof makeup look.

By: Amber Katz

I recently took a jaunt to Las Vegas, where I had the incredible opportunity to partake in some amazing activities, like swimming with dolphins at The Mirage. But the pace was manic — our group's day started at 8 a.m. and ended after 1 a.m. — so I needed makeup that could keep up with my crazy schedule. Here are my picks for the best long-lasting products and four tricks to get a practically bulletproof makeup look.

1. 24/7 Eyes
The trick to eyes that don't smudge or flake is about the application as much as the formula. Use brushes and sponges instead of fingers for the longest possible wear.

Tip: Apply a long-wearing eyeliner pencil all over the lid and up to the crease for a smudge-proof base. 

2. Long-lasting Lip Look
There are just a few steps to a lip look that lasts half the day. Line your lips, and then fill them in with a pencil. Then use a brush to apply two coats of lipstick over top.


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Tip: Take a tissue and blot in between lipstick layers for a pout that'll take you from work to dinner.

3. Powder Power
Powder will always help your makeup stay on a bit longer while cutting shine. If you're dry or have more mature skin, opt for powder only where you need it, and look for a formula created with hyaluronic acid so it will hydrate your skin as it mattifies (cuts shine) and sets your makeup.

4. Setting Spray
Setting sprays are the eighth wonder of the makeup world. Once you've applied everything from your moisturizer to your lipstick, just spritz a little spray on your skin, holding the bottle about 30 centimetres from your made-up face to set it and forget it.

What are your last-all-day makeup tips?

Amber is a freelance writer and the founder of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a
hilarious pop-culture infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hairspray. Amber has written for Instyle.com, MTV.com's Buzzworthy blog, New York Press and Girlfriend Getaways magazine.

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Use eye primer if you want your eye makeup to last

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