3 Staple Items You Can Wear All Week

3 Staple Items You Can Wear All Week

These ideas will get you out the door quicker — while looking more chic than ever.

By: Summer Saldana

Sometimes keeping our outfits new and fresh every day can feel like a part time job. Who has the time for matching patterns, colours and accessories like the good old days? We have jobs, children and family commitments now.

That, however, is why every woman needs these three staple items she can absolutely wear all week — and nobody will ever notice!

A Great Pair of Jeans or Leggings
OK, we know that these are technically two separate items, but a lot of women tend to have a preference for one or another. No wardrobe would be complete without a pair of either one of these.


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The great thing about these staple items is that you can wear them differently each and every day. Pair them with a long, comfy sweater and flats, or dress them up with boots and a stylin’ tunic to throw people off that it’s the same pair you wear every day. These are just two of your endless options.

LBD (Little Black Dress)
This one is easy: By adding a cardigan over it, layering it with leggings under it or adding a fun pair of tall boots, a basic black dress can look like a completely new item of clothing every time you wear it. We suggest even adding different belts or accessories for other options to change it up!

Basic V-Neck
Every closet needs a comfortable, flattering V-neck T-shirt that can be just as easily dressed up or worn casually. Add a black leather jacket and a statement necklace. Pair it with jeans and some cute flats. No matter what you do with it, a V-neck is the perfect staple to add to your everyday wear.

With these three basic items in your wardrobe, you’ll be able to create so many fabulous outfits that nobody will ever notice you’ve worn the same thing more than once! Trust us, we’ve tried it!

Summer is the author of the popular blog
Le Musings of Moi, which covers fashion, décor, style, parenting, health, fitness and whatever else interests this mother of two in SoCal. She also writes for Mommalogues and frequently posts videologues to YouTube.

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