5 Beauty Accessories to Bring on a Date

Feel prepared on a date knowing your purse is stocked with these 5 essentials.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or your fiftieth — the unexpected can always happen. Stay prepared for anything by bringing these accessories along with you. These accessories aren’t just for a classic dinner date; feel confident no matter what you’re doing!

Tip: These essentials are a good idea to have on a date, but you can use them anytime you go out!

1. A Hair Tie or Pins
Just in case something unexpected happens, rest assured that your hair saviour is in your purse. This is perfect if your date turns into a spontaneous activity like attending a street fair or coffee al fresco.

Taking a romantic stroll after a nice dinner? You’ll have a way to keep your hair in place — just like you had it.

2. Backup Nail Polish
You shouldn’t plan on doing your nails on the date itself (that happens beforehand), but keep the shade of nail polish you’re wearing in your purse in case of a chip or peeling. Sneak to the bathroom and touch up your nail blunder. No one will be the wiser!

Tip: Avoid nail chipping in the first place with our no-chip nail secrets.

3. Lipgloss and Lipstick
If you can find a moment to step away from whatever you’re doing, take that time to touch up your lip gloss or lipstick. It’s the quickest way to refresh your look for the remainder of the date and can help boost your confidence too.

4. Moisturizer
Keep your face and hands soft and moisturized by packing a small bottle of lotion to bring along on your date. It’s always a smart idea to have on hand.

5. Perfume
Everyone loves smelling their best, right? When you head off to touch up your lipstick or lipgloss, reapply some perfume. Don’t overdo it — a spray on your neck and one on each wrist should do the trick!

Non-beauty Accessories to Bring
While you’re at it, grab these essentials to have on hand just in case:

  • Breath mints
  • Something to write with
  • Your I.D.
  • Cash (in case you’re splitting the check or you’re treating them to coffee afterward)
  • Some conversation starters (it may seem like overdoing it, but a list of questions can keep the conversation going)

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