Your Guide to Holiday Party Bathroom Baskets

Make your party guests feel right at home with this DIY freshen-up toiletry basket for your bathroom.

So you’re hosting a holiday party. (Hats off to you, brave soul!) You’ve got the food, the decorations, even an outfit picked out. Now you want to add that little something extra to make sure everyone has a fun and memorable night.

A basket of freshening-up items in the bathroom or powder room is a thoughtful way to make guests feel at home – and feel their best. And when everyone’s feeling refreshed, good times are had by all.

Simply fill a decorative basket with personal care products and place it on your bathroom counter with a message that invites everyone to use what they need. Don’t worry about writing something clever – we’ve got you covered with this fun downloadable, frame-able poem.

So when someone hits an inevitable party snag – from food spills and garlic breath to hat hair and lipstick-tainted teeth – the party can keep going strong. Not to mention it’s an instant icebreaker (“Did you see the bathroom?”).

Here’s everything you’ll need to make your own holiday party freshen-up basket:

  • Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash for close-up conversations
  • Oral-B Glide Floss for those “Do I have food stuck in my teeth?” moments
  • Hair brush, hair ties and bobby pins in case someone needs a hairdo redo
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover to zap those inevitable spots and spills
  • Pantene Airspray Hairspray to help keep fly-aways in check
  • Febreze Air Effects Fresh Twist Cranberry and a Febreze Candle Fresh Cut Pine to keep things smelling fresh and festive

  • Always Radiant Pads and Tampax Radiant Tampons for worry-free protection
  • Festive hand towels
  • Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong to help with nose sniffles and makeup smudges
  • Vase of fresh flowers for a beautiful finishing touch (and, let’s be honest, to draw attention away from the marker stain on the wall – Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!)
  • Seasonal scented soaps and brightly coloured hand towels to round out the festive experience
  • Decorative basket large enough to comfortably hold all items
  • 13x18-centimetre (5x7-inch) photo frame and our printed downloadable poem

Tip: Don’t forget to set out extra Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. To appeal to your younger guests, make snowman faces on the rolls using coloured craft paper.

Remember, a successful party isn’t all about a perfectly cooked pot roast or an impeccably clean home – it’s special touches like this that will make the biggest impressions on your guests this holiday season.

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