How to Look Fresh and Fabulous After Traveling

Traveling for the holidays? Our survival kit will help you feel fresh from one destination to the next!

With long lines and big crowds, airline travel can make it difficult to stay fresh and presentable from takeoff to landing. The solution? A stay-fresh survival kit. It’s full of beauty products and travel essentials that will get you to and from your destinations looking pretty and feeling fresh.

How to Pack It
To breeze through security, pack all your beauty essentials (liquids and creams) in a clear plastic bag, such as a freezer bag, with a maximum capacity of one quart (around 8 inches by 7.5 inches). Make sure these products are travel-size: None of the containers should exceed 3.4 ounces. Pack your survival kit last in your carry-on so it’s easily accessible.

What to Take
Avoid the clutter in your suitcase by leaving any unnecessary toiletries at home. These eight beauty essentials will keep you looking (and smelling) fabulous:

1. Face Wipes
What better way to remove the impurities from your skin during a flight? Use a wipe to cleanse your skin of every last trace of dirt – we like Olay Daily Clean Wet Cleansing Towellettes. You should also avoid applying makeup before takeoff. The pressurized air in the cabin can irritate skin and will not likely react well with your usual foundation or powder.

2. Moisturizing Cream
If you don’t want to look exhausted when you step off the plane, offset the warm, dry air in the cabin by packing Olay Complete SPF 30 All Day Moisturizer in a plastic travel bottle. Apply it one hour before departure, and reapply around three or four hours into the flight, followed by another good layer just before landing. You’ll look more rested, and your skin will be soft and hydrated.

3. Moisturizing Lip Balm
Swap out the lipstick or gloss for a nourishing lip balm you can apply as needed. Remember to drink plenty of water, too!

4. Doses of Eye Drops
Cleanse and moisturize your eyes with some saline solution. This will leave them feeling fresh and rested for your arrival. Use two drops in each eye every four hours if you wear contact lenses (consider wearing your glasses while traveling!) and/or if you have sensitive eyes.

5. Eye Depuffing Roller
Between the difference in time zones, the fatigue and the air conditioning, you’ll often find that your eyes are puffy and have bags under them when you get off the plane.

An eye depuffing roller is a great remedy for tired-looking eyes. We like Olay Eyes Eye Depuffing Roller, which also contains an anti-aging formula to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Massaging the eye contour area will immediately freshen and relieve pressure in the eyes. For best results, use it four hours into the flight and just before landing.

6. Deodorant
Being cooped up in an aircraft for hours can throw your entire body out of whack – one minute you’re freezing from the air conditioning, and the next minute you’re sweating on the tarmac. Stay fresh by applying Secret Deodorant Clinical Strength before you depart – it’s designed with four times the protection against stress sweat versus the protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant.

7. Travel-size Toothpaste and Folding Toothbrush
You probably won’t want to carry a large tube of toothpaste in your handbag. For perfectly fresh breath and a squeaky-clean mouth, pack a travel-size tube of Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, a toothbrush with a plastic cover over it and a container of Oral-B Glide Pro Health for Life floss.

8. Small Lavender Essential Oil-Based Spray
Lavender is a natural stress reliever. Spray some onto a handkerchief and breathe into it whenever you start to feel anxious or tired. Think of it as travel aromatherapy! In addition, make sure to stretch or walk up and down the aisle every hour that you’re in the air to maintain proper circulation and blood flow. With these tips you’ll be feeling fresh no matter how long the flight!

How do you stay fresh during and after long flights? or register to share your best tips in the comments section!


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