9 Beauty Products You Need for Vacation, According to Professional Makeup Artists

9 Beauty Products You Need for Vacation, According to Professional Makeup Artists

The experts weigh in on the best beauty products to help you look pretty and polished throughout the trip.

Summer is spelled “V-A-C-A-Y,” and if you’re planning to spend it somewhere tropical (or at least warm and sunny) you’ll need the right beauty products to help you look fresh and polished, even when the heat is on. Since you don’t want to lug a 5-pound makeup case through the airport or try to cram every product into your already-stuffed suitcase, we asked three professional makeup artists what beauty essentials they pack before taking off.

1. Tweezers and Razor

“Whether it’s on your brow, lip or chin, the dreaded stray hair is highlighted in direct sunlight, so make sure you keep a check on them with tweezers throughout your vacation,” says makeup artist Nadira Persaud. In addition to tweezers, don’t forget a portable Venus Snap razor , which won’t take up too much space in your bag and can help keep your legs smooth and hair free throughout the trip.

2. Light Makeup and Moisturizer

“Your face’s natural oils dry up quicker in the summer, and too much makeup will clog pores and make skin look dull,” Nadira says. “Try long-wear products and brighter tones to lift cheeks and lips instead of heavy liquid foundations and darker tones.” Before applying makeup, she suggests moisturizing with a product containing SPF, like Olay Total Effects Whips SPF 25, which has a weightless formula and a light-as-air finish.

3. Creamy Bronzer

“Creamy bronzers in golden shades will help make your skin glow,” says makeup artist Caroline Barnes. “The creamy texture flatters your skin even when you sweat, while powder bronzes look grubby rather than glowy when skin is hot and damp.”

4. Coral Lip Gloss

“Coral shades suit all skin tones and are especially flattering on sunkissed complexions,” says makeup artist Rachel Jones. “Avoid pink or red shades – they highlight any redness that skin often suffers from on the first few days of a vacation.”

5. Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re headed to a humid locale, don’t forget a shampoo and conditioner that can keep your hair moisturized and soft. Our top picks? Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re packed with micro-moisturizers that help replenish dry and lifeless hair!

6. A Deodorant With Staying Power

The last thing you’ll want to worry about while on vacation is smelling less than fresh. Pop Secret Fresh Collection in Va Va Vanilla in your rollaway – its sweat-activated technology helps you stay clean and dry for 48 hours.

7. Two Different Foundations

Try this genius trick from Caroline: “Pack two different shades of stick foundation. A solid formula lasts longer, is space saving and doesn’t count as a liquid at security checkpoints. Blend a small amount of the darker one with the lighter one, adding more each day you are in the sun to adapt your base color as you tan.” Another option is to forego foundation entirely in favour of a tinted moisturizer that can pull double duty. Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation gives you sheer coverage and a natural look.

8. Waterproof Mascara

“If you wear mascara during the day, make sure it’s waterproof,” says Caroline. “If you need extra definition around your eyes, line the upper lash line with a wax-based pencil, which won’t smudge in the heat or after swimming.”

9. Lip Balm

Rachel’s must-have vacation beauty product? A moisturizing lip balm. “Lip balms are a must when traveling,” she says. “Air conditioning and plane-air dries out the skin and can leave your lips feeling tight and sore.” Try a tinted one to give your lips a subtle flush of color.

What beauty products do you always take on vacation? Post your must-have packing list in the comments section below!


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