4 Tips for Glowing Skin

4 Tips for Glowing Skin

Use our four tips to get gorgeous and glowing skin — no matter the elements.

By: Nadine Jolie

The thermometer may read close to zero, but your complexion can look fresh, dewy and peachy thanks to a few insider tricks. Here are four tried-and-true secrets for glowing skin.

1. Exfoliate
Beautiful skin is well-exfoliated skin. Give your complexion the best possible base by getting rid of dry, dull and flaky buildup, and allow products to penetrate your skin (and work better). This will reveal the beautiful, fresh new skin underneath. No matter the method you use, exfoliating several times per week will yield almost instant results.

2. Moisturize
Moisturizing your skin in the winter is critical, no matter your skin type. Aim to moisturize twice daily, and apply it correctly. Pat in moisturizer immediately after washing your face for a proper application.


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Tip: It's important to choose the right delivery system for your skin's unique needs. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, try a sleek-but-effective serum like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum that sinks in quickly and won't cause breakouts.

3. Hydrate
There's a reason dermatologists (and celebs) are always touting the benefits of drinking plenty of water. Your skin is your body's biggest organ, so load up on water — it'll do wonders for your complexion! If you're dehydrated, skin will show it from the inside out, resulting in a sallow, lifeless complexion. Hydrated skin is glowy, happy skin.

4. Glow
A little makeup assistance — achieved with the lightest hand and savviest eye — will create the illusion that you've gotten plenty of sleep. Dot a luminizing balm across your temples, cheekbones and on your browbone. The subtle shimmer will catch the light, making you look positively radiant.

Nadine is a former beauty editor, the author of two beauty books, a Los Angeles resident, has appeared as a beauty expert on Today, Tyra, CNN and MSNBC, and teaches beauty classes. She has written for Lucky, Cosmopolitan and Jane and is a beauty contributor to VanityFair.com. You can find her at her website ‪Nadine Jolie.

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