4 Spa Touches Your Routine Needs

4 Spa Touches Your Routine Needs

These spa tips will make your everyday feel a little more extravagant.

By: Nadine Jolie

The word “spa” is synonymous with relaxation: It’s important to pamper your stressed self on those days when you need a little extra TLC. You don't need to pay big bucks to reap the benefits of a spa day. Plus, we’re all so busy, finding time (not to mention a babysitter) to get to the spa is close to impossible. Thankfully, it’s easy to incorporate little spa touches into your everyday routine. Follow these four tips to give yourself a daily dose of luxe without adding much time or effort.

1. Take a Bath
Instead of your morning shower, why not try a bath? Research shows that soaking in a hot tub helps lower your blood pressure. If you're wedded to your morning shower, taking a bath even once a week will help put you into a more Zen-like state. Candles and relaxing music are optional (but definitely recommended).

2. Make Sense of Your Scents
Regardless of whether you choose a shower or a bath, take your cleansing ritual to the next level by picking a shower or bath gel (and/or shampoo) to complement your mood. Citrus is invigorating and helps wake you up, eucalyptus is detoxifying, while lavender and vanilla are calming and soothing. Decide what sort of benefits you're looking for, and then choose accordingly.


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3. Relax with Lavender
We already mentioned lavender’s calming properties, so it’s an excellent scent to incorporate into your bedtime routine. Spritz a lavender spray on your pillow to help lull you to sleep or use a lavender-scented moisturizer before bed. If you’re extra sensitive to light, an eye mask infused with lavender is a multi-tasking trick that will lead to a very relaxed (and great smelling) slumber.

4. Slough with a Scrub
At the spa, you can pay upward of $100 for an aesthetician to slough off dead skin. Mimic the same treatment at home by combining brown sugar and coconut oil to make a DIY scrub that’s equally exfoliating and moisturizing. Simply scrub down in the shower and rinse off. If you’re short on time, try a store-bought scrub. (Either will make your shower floor slippery, so take care!) Afterward, your skin will be as soft as butter, and you’ll smell divine too.

Which one of these tips will you try today?

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You’re absolutely right about the scents being important. I think I’m going to try that exfoliation tonight. I can’t wait!

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Vert nice I like it

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The scents are a huge one. It is amazing how a certain scent can take you away :)

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