Best Ways to Unwind at Home

Best Ways to Unwind at Home

Indulge in these 4 at-home spa treatments so you can unwind from a stressful day.

It’s sometimes difficult to justify taking “me time” when there’s always more to be done. And locking yourself in the bathroom for that 10-minute, midday break can only do so much. But trust us, you do deserve it — and you can do it quickly, cheaply and be ready to take on the world.

1. Take a Bath
Even just five minutes of soaking in a hot tub will calm your body (by raising your body temperature and increasing circulation) and soothe your mind. For detoxifying benefits, fill your tub with Epsom salts to draw out impurities. Light candles, put on your favourite tunes and let your worries wash away.

2. Apply Cucumbers to Your Eyes
Letting cucumbers rest on your eyes will help reduce puffiness from the under-eye area. This works miracles if you've been crying (nothing wrong with a good cry) and don't want to have oversized bags under your eyes the next morning. Fifteen minutes will do the trick.


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3. Try a Face Mask
Sometimes all you need to beat stress is 10 or 15 minutes to do something just for you. Temporarily shelve your to-do list and set up a little spa in your bathroom. Light a candle, turn off your electronics and unwind. Choose a facemask that will help hydrate your stressed skin, like Olay Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment. Your skin will thank you later!

4. Indulge in a Hair Treatment
It’s important to treat your hair just as well as you treat your skin. Hair gets damaged from daily styling, exposure to the sun’s rays and dry winter air. Keep it lustrous and moisturized by applying an overnight deep conditioning treatment (like Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum).

What’s your favourite at-home spa indulgence?

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I love Olay moisturizer with spf. As a golfer I love the feel of this on my skin. Feels very light. I can carry it in my purse and reapply as needed during the day

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