3 Ways to Work Exfoliation Into Your Routine

3 Ways to Work Exfoliation Into Your Routine

Use these exfoliation methods for a shortcut to smooth, glowing skin.

By: Nadine Jolie

One of the best things you can do for your skin at the turn of the season is to exfoliate it. When the weather gets cooler, skin tends to dry out and lose the suppleness that comes with warmer months. Regular exfoliation is one of the easiest yet most effective paths to beautiful skin. Not only does exfoliating regularly get rid of all the dead skin, oil and dirt that tends to accumulate (burrowing into your pores, stretching them out and making your skin look dull), it also helps regenerate collagen, banish sunspots, battle acne and combat fine lines.

Exfoliating just twice a week may help to clear and smooth your skin, giving it that holiday glow everyone loves. Better yet, it's easy, relatively inexpensive and takes only seconds — no expensive and lengthy aesthetician visit required.

Here are three ways to work exfoliation into your routine.


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1. Use a Washcloth
That beloved cleanser you swear by and have been using since grade seven? No need to switch it out, simply towel it off your wet skin with a damp cloth using a circular motion and a firm but gentle hand. This manual exfoliating action will help reveal newer skin underneath. No need to scrub — easy does it!

2. Indulge in a Mask
Whether once a week or twice a month, it’s key to use a regular deep-cleaning mask to unclog your pores and remove the deeper gunk. Exfoliators like lactic acid nibble away at dead cells and make up the peel component of Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel.

3. Choose a Scrub
If your skin isn't overly sensitive, a granular scrub with beads, crystals or grains might be just the ticket. Once a week, after you've cleaned your face, work a nickel-sized amount of your favourite scrub into your hands and then massage into your face in circular motions. Gentle buffing is key. Rinse off the scrub and you're good to go.

Be sure not to exfoliate too much, especially if you have sensitive skin. Once or twice a week will do the trick. Regardless of your method, don't forget the sunscreen: Exfoliated skin is fresh and very sensitive to sunlight, so it always requires extra protection, even in the winter months.

Nadine is a former beauty editor, the author of two beauty books, a Los Angeles resident and has appeared as a beauty expert on Today, Tyra, CNN and MSNBC, and teaches beauty classes. She has written for Lucky, Cosmopolitan and Jane and is a beauty contributor to ‪VanityFair.com. You can find her at her website ‪Nadine Jolie.

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