3 Tips for a Natural Skin Lift

3 Tips for a Natural Skin Lift

Incorporate these 3 tips into your beauty routine for a face that’s bright and lifted!

By: Melissa A. Kay

Yes, you can have a skin lift that’s completely natural! Aging doesn’t mean we can’t look firm and fresh — and it doesn’t mean we have to try expensive surgical procedures either. There are exercises, nutrients and affordable beauty products available to help your facial skin look youthful, taut and lifted. Read on for three tips for a natural skin lift.

1. Exercise
We all know how important exercise is for the muscles throughout our body, but facial exercises are not always part of the common workout. Give these exercises a try, and when done regularly, they can truly make a difference to a sagging face.

  • Surprise, Surprise: To perform this facial exercise, widen your eyes as much as you can while avoiding wrinkling your forehead. Use a mirror to be sure you’ve got it down. Hold this for about 10 seconds and repeat 4-5 times. This tones the muscles in the forehead, a common trouble spot for wrinkles as we age.
  • Puffer up: This time, puff both your cheeks out and shift the air from one side of the face to the other while keeping both cheeks fully puffed out. Do this back and forth until you need to catch your breath, and then repeat 3-4 times. Sure, you may feel silly while you’re doing this exercise, but you’ll be thankful when you begin to notice your cheeks and jowls becoming firmer.

2. Nutrition
Proper eating and a balanced diet is vital to overall health, including the body’s largest organ — the skin! Your skin can look better from the inside out by eating nutritious foods and following a diet that aids in your skin’s health.


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  • Essential Fatty Acids: These aid the cell membranes, allowing nutrients to pass in and out of the cells and to let waste leave cells. The stronger the membrane barrier, the better the cells hold moisture, which gives the skin a plumper, more youthful appearance. Essential fatty acids can be found in foods including walnuts, salmon and canola oil. Eat your way to firmer skin — it’s delicious and beneficial!
  • Water: That’s right! Staying well-hydrated can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your skin. It takes about eight glasses per day to keep skin cells hydrated and to help toxins move out and let nutrients in. Skin will look cleaner and clearer and the hydration makes the surface of the skin smoother and younger looking. Bottoms up!

3. Beauty Products
There are wonderful products available over-the-counter that help skin not only look better, but actually change its quality and texture. COVERGIRL and Olay have two skin-improving products aimed specifically for mature skin. They are reasonably priced and easy to apply.

  • COVERGIRL+ Olay The De-puffer: Puffiness and dark circles make skin look drab. Give your face an instant boost with COVERGIRL + Olay The De-puffer. It contains cucumber extract, which reduces the puffiness under the eye area, giving the face a youthful rejuvenation. This product also doubles as a concealer, so as it heals, it covers problem areas. What a great combination!
  • COVERGIRL + Olay Facelift Effect: The name alone probably makes you want to run out and buy this makeup! COVERGIRL + Olay Facelift Effect combines flawless coverage with intense hydration for instantly firmer-looking skin. This product also contains vitamins to aid hydration and skin renewal. Firmness, plumpness and a skin lift are seen after just two weeks of use.

These tips are sure to put a smile on your face, which is the best lift of all! Try one or two or a combination of them all. Your face is the first thing people see — these tips will help you put your best face forward.

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