8 Skincare Tips to Freshen up for Spring

Learn how to transition your skincare routine for spring from head to toe with our 8 tips.

Springtime is full of transitions – grey, rainy days that bring out bright, beautiful flowers, and cool, crisp mornings that give way to warm, sunny afternoons. When you feel the itch of spring creeping in, with its promise of warmer weather and longer days, there’s no harm in looking to the future and dreaming of sunshine!

When it comes to skincare, though, getting from winter to spring-ready can take a little practice. You want to keep your winter skin super hydrated on the blustery days still ahead, but if you’re already in that springtime state of mind, here are few tips for transitioning your skincare routine right now.

1. Go for a Lighter Cleanser
Look for something that is gentle, yet effective. For a light exfoliation that helps brighten your skin, try Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser it will rid skin of impurities without drying out your skin.

2. Grab a Serum
If you haven’t given into the serum trend yet, now is the time! Layer it underneath moisturizer to keep skin extra soft. Then once spring hits, you can get away with a serum-only moisturizing routine.

3. Exfoliate Dry Skin
With cold air comes dry, flaky skin. Gentle, weekly exfoliation can help you unveil your springtime glow – just pay special attention to your face, elbows and knees, where dry skin tends to build up.

4. Say Goodbye to Body Cream
A heavy cream is great for the dry, winter months, but you don’t want to cover your body with it all year long – or you’ll find yourself sweating under it in the spring and summer. You can still find an ultra-healing formula with a lighter consistency, and don’t forget to find a lotion with an SPF.

5. Switch up Your Deodorant
When the weather heats up, so do you. Beat the heat with Secret deodorant for up to 48-hours of odour protection, and have one less thing to worry about.

6. Protect Your Pout
If you aren’t using a lip balm with SPF, make it a point to start. It will heal cracked, winter lips and protect your lips from further damage in the sun – a total year-round beauty must have.

7. Freshen up Those Feet
Sandal season is right around the corner, so make sure those toes are ready to show! Use a foot cream daily and exfoliate your feet a few times a week to help heal dry, cracked heels winter is bound to leave behind.

8. Update Your Makeup
Updating your makeup is a crucial part of this beauty transition – not just for a new spring colour palette, but to ditch any germs that can build up in your makeup over time.

Ready to leave winter in the rear view? Give us your favourite springtime skincare tip in the comments!


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