8 Full-body Spring Skincare Tips

8 Full-body Spring Skincare Tips

Learn how to transition your skincare routine for spring with our 8 head-to-toe tips.

By: Sarah P.

The transition from winter to spring skincare is a challenge. You want to keep your winter skin super hydrated, but it’s time to switch up your products in preparation for the warmer season ahead. Luckily, we have the know-how on winter to spring skincare:

1. Go for a Lighter Cleanser
Ditch the thick, creamy formulas. Look for something that is gentle, yet effective. Try Olay Fresh Effects Acne Control Face Wash — it will rid skin of impurities without drying out your skin.

2. Grab a Serum
If you haven’t given into the serum trend yet, now is the time! Layer it underneath moisturizer to keep skin extra-soft. Then once spring hits, you can get away with a serum-only moisturizing routine.

3. Exfoliate Dry Skin
With cold air comes flaky skin. Get started on unveiling your spring glow by exfoliating your face a few times a week.

4. Say Goodbye to Body Cream
A heavy cream is great for the dry, winter months, but you don’t want to cover your body with it all year long. You can still find an ultra-healing formula with a lighter consistency. Heavy creams will only make you feel even hotter (and make you sweat more). Look for a lotion with an SPF.

5. Switch up Your Deodorant
When the weather heats up, so do you. Beat the heat with Secret Active Fresh Deodorant. The perfect subtle scent will protect you all day long.

6. Protect Your Pout
If you aren’t using a lip balm with SPF, make it a point to start. It will heal cracked, winter lips and protect your lips from further damage in the sun.

7. Freshen up Those Feet
While it isn’t sandal season just yet, make sure those toes are ready to show! Dry and cracked heels are the last things you want when the warmer weather hits. Use a foot cream daily and exfoliate your feet a few times a week.

8. Update Your Makeup
Updating your makeup is a crucial part of this beauty transition. Make sure you throw away any makeup products you’ve been using throughout the winter. It’s time to invest in new products to keep your skin looking fresh and free of bacteria that build up in some makeup over time.


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