6 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Summer Damage

6 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Summer Damage

You don’t have to skip the pool or avoid the sun to protect your hair! Follow these tips to prevent and reduce damage.

Sunlight, chlorine and humidity, oh my! The summer months can wreak havoc on your hair, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the pool or beach or wear a hat to every outdoor gathering (although sunscreen is a must!). To keep your hair looking shiny, healthy and strong all summer long, give your locks some TLC with these tips.

1. Say Farewell to Frizz

If you have curly hair, you already know that summer humidity can cause frizz, frizz … and more frizz. The solution? Switching up your summer hair care regimen with a collection of products designed specifically for curly hair. Use Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse, soften and moisturize your hair with an infusion of coconut and Jojoba oil. After washing, work Aussie Miracle Curls Crème Pudding into your damp hair to moisturize and tame frizz.

For straight hair that’s prone to frizz, try working Pantene Smooth Frizz Fixing Serum into wet or dry hair, and then style as usual. This lightweight, humidity-resistant serum helps keep frizz at bay and boosts shine.

2. Lay off the Heat Styling Tools

Curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers bring on the heat – and can make damage sustained from the elements even worse. (Plus, who feels like blow drying when it’s 100 degrees outside?!) Whenever you can, skip these heat styling tools in favor of a heat-free style. If you do use heat styling tools, make sure to blow-dry your hair completely before using a straightener or curling iron – if your hair is still wet, applying high heat can cause the water molecules on your strands to expand and cause more damage.

3. Shampoo Smarter

Let’s face it: Higher temperatures equal more sweat, and you’ll probably be washing your hair more often to remove grease and grime from a day spent in the sun. That’s why it’s important to choose a gentle shampoo and conditioner designed for daily use. Look for one that removes impurities without stripping hair of its essential moisture.

4. Use a Lightweight Conditioner Daily

If you have thin, fine hair, it’s tempting to skip conditioners that feel greasy and heavy. Unfortunately, that can leave you at the mercy of frizz! Try using Pantene Aqualight Conditioner instead: It’s paraben free and rinses clean for nourished, healthy, lightweight hair.

5. Protect Your Color

A lot of us lighten up our color during the summer months, but a mixture of chlorine and UV rays can fade it over time or even turn it brassy. Protect your color with the right shampoo and conditioner – we recommend Pantene Radiant Colour Shine to get a vibrant shine and up to six weeks* of brilliant color.

6. Replenish Moisture with a Serum

Even if you’re careful to reduce damage and avoid heat styling tools, just exposing it to sunlight can cause damage. Throughout the summer months, use a serum like Pantene Repair & Protect Overnight Miracle Serum to noticeably repair overworked, stressed or damaged hair. No need to wait or even rinse – go right to bed and fight hair damage while you sleep!

How do you protect your hair from the summer heat? Share your favorite tips in the comments section!

*Shampoo and conditioner vs. nonconditioning shampoo


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