Swept Up, Slicked Back and Twisted, Too!

This fast, easy and stylish twisted ponytail is ideal for those oh-so-hectic mornings.

Mornings can be anything but calm, especially on the weekdays. Sometimes there are only a few precious moments you can spend on yourself. That’s why spending a lot of time on a hairstyle is not happening. We get it.

Ponytails? Now those are totally doable! They’re a classic go-to ‘do that’s swept up and out of the way. But here we’ve literally taken a twist on your standard, slicked-back ponytail. This simple, super fast ponytail-meets-twisted braid is really easy to pull off in just a few minutes, and you’ll look ready to tackle anything and everything.

What You’ll Need

Two hair ties

Bobby pins

Pantene ProV Stylers Hairspray (optional)


  1. Pull your hair back into a standard ponytail – it doesn’t matter if it’s high, low, in the middle or to the side, but we recommend the height that gives you the longest ponytail to work with. Secure your pony with a hair tie
Swept Up, Slicked Back and Twisted, Too!
  1. Take a small section of hair from the underside of your ponytail. Twist the section and then wrap it around your hair tie and secure with a bobby pin
  2. Split your ponytail into two equal sections. Begin twisting each section
Swept Up, Slicked Back and Twisted, Too!
  1. As you twist, wrap the right section over the left section and continue with this braiding motion until you reach the end of your ponytail
Swept Up, Slicked Back and Twisted, Too!
  1. Secure the end of the ponytail

Tip: For a fuller look, gently tug on the twisted section to loosen it up a bit. We love an undone look, but if you want something more sleek, smooth away flyaways with hair spray.


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