4 Summer Updos After a Day at The Pool

Find awesome summer updos that will impress your friends.

Whether you’re spending summer days at the pool with your kids or just want your ‘do to be done without the fuss of drying and styling, you’re in luck: Slick, wet-look hair has been all over the runways for some time now, and we have four summer updos perfect for already-wet hair whose level of chic far exceeds the level of effort required to execute.

Low Tide
Part your hair deep to the side (trace your finger straight up from the outer corner of your eye for a starting place, then part straight back toward the crown of your head). With both hands, smooth hair into a low ponytail. Pull your hair through the elastic twice, but on the third time, stop before pulling it through. This will create a loop (you should be able to fit your thumb through the centre hole, but not much more. Gently tousle the loop to add some texture.

If your hair is short, you’re done! If you have longer hair, simply wrap the hanging ponytail around the base of the loop until you reach the ends, then tuck them in under the elastic (you can secure with a bobby pin for more staying power, too). Throw on your sunglasses, add a mist or two of Volume Touchable Hairspray, and tell summer to bring it.

Tip: You can also try this look with the top half of your hair (ditch the part and just pull it straight back), and let the rest of your hair hang free to air-dry. If this is the case, sneak in some No Crunch Curls Whip for soft, shapely curls.

Loosen Up
Gently towel dry hair. Flip your head over and use your fingers to shake out hair. Stand up straight and lightly part your hair just side of centre (think of only parting just less than an inch, really just giving your hair some movement or direction), finger-brush it back, then tease it up a little with your fingers to give it some volume (think light head massage).

Take two bobby pins to secure the top third-to-half of your hair right at the back of your head (if you cross them in an X, they give a surprisingly secure hold). If your hair is short, let the rest hang. If it’s longer, loosely gather your hair and pull it into a loose, easy knot. (Or: loosely braid the hair, beginning at the nape of your neck, and loop that into a loose knot.) Secure it with a few bobby pins, but still keep it loose. And don’t worry if pieces fall out and it’s imperfect — that’s part of the charm of this summer updo.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to rinse that chlorine out of your hair after a swim, too.

Do the Twist
Part your hair or pull it straight back, whichever you prefer. Gather hair at the nape of your neck and give it one tight twist close to the scalp, rotating the ponytail so it’s facing upward. Moving your hands closer to the ends of your hair, continue to twist the ponytail long as you also smooth the side hair over, deepening the ridge of the twist along your head to make a classic French twist.

Once your hair is twisted tightly in, you can let the ends hang loose at the top or, for a more polished look, keep twisting that hair around itself at the top to finish with a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the twist — one or two at the bottom and two or three toward the top should be totally sufficient for this summer updo.

Bobby Pins vs. Elastic Hairbands
Bobby pins are gentler than elastics on wet hair (there’s less opportunity for breakage), so opt for them when you can. If you do use elastics, use the soft fabric kind rather than the standard rubber-centred ones — they’ll be much more loving to your locks.

Tip: You have a lot to do at the pool, but if at all possible, wet your hair before getting into the water. To go a step further, coat your hair with a touch of Pantene Smooth and Sleek Conditioner, to repel the water.


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