Perfect Hair Colour at Home: Treating Roots and Lengths Separately for Visible Depth and Tones

Vidal Sassoon has a new way to deliver colour seamlessly blended from root to tip.

When it comes to hair colour, roots and lengths are not the same. They take colour differently.

Roots — the new growth that has never been coloured before — are less porous than the rest of the hair. They are more resistant to absorb colour, so they require more time and colour for perfect coverage.

Lengths that have been previously coloured are more porous, meaning they absorb colour much more easily. If treated the same way as the roots, the lengths become oversaturated, which is what causes dull, uneven, flat colour.

Expert colourists know that roots and lengths absorb colour differently and adjust their formulas accordingly — but this has been difficult to do at home. A study showed that over 80 per cent of women who colour at home apply only one formula to their whole head without waiting, resulting in flat, uneven colour.

But that’s all about to change.

VS Salonist: A Revolution in Home Hair Colour
The experts at Vidal Sassoon have created VS Salonist: a new at-home colour designed to deliver colour full of depth and tones, seamlessly blended from root to tip. The secret?

A breakthrough, 2-step salon technique that treats roots, then lengths separately, just like the experts do.

First, you brush your roots with a rich colour cream.

Then you mix in the VS Serum. This adjusts the formula for your lengths, and it’s what gives you the perfect balance of colour, with depth and tones.

It’s Vidal Sassoon’s most advanced colour system outside the salon, and the first Vidal Sassoon colour that lets you adjust the formula for roots and lengths.

The Results Speak for Themselves
Eighty per cent of women who used VS Salonist rated it better or the best home colour they have ever tried. Two out of three preferred it to their current brand. *Among 200+ UK women.


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