Fighting Frizz: Summer and Your Hair

Get tips and tricks for controlling frizzy hair even during a hot and humid summer.

Summertime is great for lots of things, but not frizzy hair! The outer layer of your hair is like shingles on a roof. Ideally, the shingles (i.e. the cells of your hair’s cuticle) all lay flat. But weather, brushing, or just overall dry hair disrupt those shingles, making them point every which way, and leading to frizz.

So here are a few tips for controlling frizzy hair and unruly waves when the heat and humidity set in.

Use Conditioner on Dry Hair
If you sense the frizzies coming as the day goes on, take a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner (or body lotion) and rub it lightly through your locks. Frizzy flyaways will soak up the moisture, and hair will get a bit more weight from the product. The result: smoother, softer and most importantly, less frizzy hair.

Tip: Remember a little goes a long way, so always start with just a bit of conditioner and add more if need be. Try Pantene Repair and Protect Conditioner, and stay away from the scalp to prevent a greasy look. This works well for straight, curly and relaxed hair, too, and it provides a subtle shine.

Don’t Wash Every Day
If you can handle it, try not to wash your hair every single day. Skipping a day or two in between washes will keep hair more moisturized. Shampoo can become drying when overused. Allowing natural oils to develop with more time between washes and overnight will help control frizzy hair and make your hair look shinier.

Finger Comb
If you have curly or wavy hair, your best bet in the summer months is to ditch the comb and run your fingers through damp hair to style. Touch as little as possible so the strands stay in groups and flyaways stay in place. Scrunch a bit if you are trying to achieve a curlier look. Less is more here, and capturing a beachy, sun-swept look is perfect for summer!

Only Blow-dry the Roots
The drier the hair, the more frizz will rear its ugly head. If you can get away with air-drying, go for it. If you need a little heat to set your style, try to focus on the roots and leave the ends alone (since that’s where the frizziness is most noticeable). In time, you’ll find that your hair is healthier and less heat-damaged overall.

Leave Dry Hair Alone
Once your hair is dry and styled, leave it alone! The more you tousle, touch, comb and play with it, the frizzier your hair will become. The constant motion and fuss will only exacerbate the frizz and won’t help at all. Once your do is done, hands off!

Smooth Hair into a Sleek do
When all else fails and the frizz has you in a bind, simply go with a sleek ponytail, braid or bun. Smooth your hair with Pantene’s Repair and Protect serum to tame flyaways and pull all of your hair back or up tightly. You can also try a thick headband or a cute hat. You’ll feel cooler with your hair off of your face – and you’ll look ultra-chic!

Do you have any frizz-taming techniques? Do you have advice for controlling frizzy hair? We’d love to learn more tips to say farewell to frizz.


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