Caring for Your Hair this Fall

Protect your hair from the elements this fall with hardworking hair accessories.

When you drop off the kids at school only to turn and feel the fierce wind whipping your hair across your face, it’s time to consider some new styling options – some more autumn-friendly, perhaps – and face the fact that Old Man Winter is right around the corner.

Outdoor elements wreak havoc on hair if we aren’t careful. It goes beyond the wind blowing your brushed hair awry and extends to split ends and other types of wear and tear.

We still want to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the season, though, so let’s keep in mind how we’re taking care of our locks.

Between the sun, the chlorine and the constant updos, we did plenty of damage to our hair this summer. Now, it’s time for damage control! Turn to a protective formula, like Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo + Conditioner, to help prevent further damage to your locks.

This season, try letting your hair down every once in a while. Wearing that high pony or righteous top bun looks lovely, but only if we’re looking out for our tresses as they’re stacked, pulled and sprayed. If you just can’t live without the updos, try Pantene’s Overnight Miracle Serum to noticeably repair damage for shiny, smooth, healthy hair.

Of all the hair accessories out there, the headband has serious staying power. You can wear the stretchy, athletic kind (along with your yoga pants), or look for a trendier headband, like patterned fabric or turban styles. In essence, if your headband can strategically ward off Mr. Wind, it’s a great buy!

If you prefer to leave your hair down but still want to keep it from blowing in your face, try a simple braided headband. If you have serious braiding skills, try creating a French braid across the front of your hair, from temple to temple.

When you’re trying to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and don’t have time to do anything with your hair, throw a hat on! A baseball cap or knit beanie will add a pop of colour or texture to your look while keeping your hair from flying out of control.

Tip: For a strong yet flexible hold for your favourite hairstyle, try Aussie Mega Hairspray.

However you choose to wear your hair this fall, the trick is to avoid overstyling and protect those tresses for the colder weather ahead!

How do you care for your hair during the changing seasons?  or register for P&G everyday to share your tips in the comments below!


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