How to Style a Braided Bun

How to Style a Braided Bun

Use these tips for a five-minute hairdo that’s elegant, easy and perfect for every day.

Every morning you have the same question: What can I do with my long hair? We have an answer that may change your go-to everyday look.

Since we’re not all professional hairstylists, we don't necessarily have many accessories — or much time to spend! Regardless, there is a solution: the braided bun!

Perfect for both everyday glamour or a night out, the braided bun is an elegant, sophisticated style that only looks like you spent a lot of time doing your hair. Check out the steps below:


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  1. On one side, take a strand near the ear and twist it to make a coil
  2. Take it round behind the head and make it tight so it stays in place.
  3. Hold the first coil with one hand
  4. Do the same on the other side of your head
  5. Bring the two coils together, like for a low ponytail (tighten the coils so they don't sag!)
  6. Braid the coils together (Depending on how thick your hair is, braid loosely or tightly for a thick or thin style)
  7. Once the braid is finished, turn it in on itself, into a bun
  8. Attach with pins
  9. Keep the bun natural looking by teasing out a few strands on the sides

And there you go! A romantic, feminine style in just a few minutes. This hairstyle is all about minimum effort for maximum effect — perfect for any mom.

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