3 5-Minute Hairdos for a Polished Look

3 5-Minute Hairdos for a Polished Look

Try one of these three quick hairstyles to achieve a polished look in a flash.

By: Nadine Jolie

When you're late, stressed and completely burnt out, the last thing you want to focus on is your hair. And Murphy's Law says: If you're late, stressed or completely burned out, you’re almost guaranteed to have a bad hair day as well.

Luckily, it's easy to whip up one of these three hairdos to look polished (even when you're frazzled) in five minutes or less.

1. The Sock Bun
For years, buns were commonly thought of as only for secretaries and ballerinas, but all of a sudden, a fat, high coil on the crown of your head has become the epitome of chic.

The current trend involves "sock buns," which give the illusion of thicker hair. The sock bun requires securing a ponytail with an elastic at the top of your head, threading the ponytail through a sock with the toe-end cut off and rolling it down the length of your hair, tucking in the ends so the ponytail swallows itself until it resembles a bagel. It takes a few tries to get used to it, but once you've learned, it takes two minutes flat.


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2. Behind-the-ear Side Braid
The braid trend has exploded, and we're happy to see it stay for good. Braids are fun because they're equal parts glam and undone. While a perfect braid looks pretty, an imperfect braid looks effortless and just as chic.

To try a simple version, braid hair near the temple on one side of your head (if you have bangs, you can leave them out), tuck it back behind your ear and pin with a pretty clip.

3. Low, Sleek Ponytail
Gone are the days when ponytails allude to gym visits and cheerleading try-outs. A sleek, low ponytail secured to the nape of the neck and slightly off to the side (so that the tail winds down in front of your shoulder) is stunningly cool.

This look must be absolutely polished and perfect to work — no flyaways or messiness here! It only takes a minute to perfect. Spritz a brush with hairspray to tame dry, straight hair and do a few quick passes with the flatiron if you have any waves. Then, gather it into a low ponytail behind one ear and secure with an elastic the same shade as your locks.

How do you do your hair when you’re running late?

Nadine is a former beauty editor, the author of two beauty books, a Los Angeles resident, has appeared as a beauty expert on Today, Tyra, CNN and MSNBC, and teaches beauty classes. She has written for Lucky, Cosmopolitan and Jane and is a beauty contributor to VanityFair.com. You can find her at her website ‪Nadine Jolie.

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