A Pantene Product Perfect for You

Discover Pantene’s new custom formulas for fine, normal to thick and colour-treated hair.

Would you like to show off smooth, shiny and healthy hair? You're in luck.

Pantene has spent seven years researching hair needs. And as of recently, revamped its product lines — incorporating NASA technology, no less. If you thought the company was knowledgeable before, you won't believe how expert it is in hair care now. Here’s how to choose the best Pantene product for your locks, organized by your specific hair type.

  • Fine Hair?

Characteristics: it is weaker and more subject to stress than other types of hair, since it contains 50 per cent less protein

Needs: deep cleaning that doesn’t leave any residues behind or weigh down the hair.

Products should definitely be lightweight, hydrate the hair and add volume

Products: lightweight shampoos and conditioners like Pantene Aqua Light, which cleans without weighing down hair; its micro-nutrient formula strengthens hair

For volume, try Pantene Volume shampoos and conditioners, with micro-particles that strengthen fine hair.

  • Normal or Thick Hair?

Characteristics: thick hair that tends to frizz and is difficult to style; it is generally wavy and brittle

Needs: products with a high concentration of conditioning ingredients to leave hair soft and manageable

Products: Pantene Repair & Protect will give hair the moisture it needs with a formula rich in micro-nutrients

For smooth hair, the Smooth line is designed with micro-softeners that make the driest, frizziest hair soft again.

For curly hair, try the Pantene Curl Perfection line. It will leave your hair looking just right.

  • Colour-treated Hair ?

Characteristics: the weakest and most vulnerable hair type, since chemicals in the dyes alter the hair's structure

Needs: products that maintain the colour, but also treat the dryness and dullness caused by harsh chemicals

Products: if you have fine hair, Pantene Colour Preserve Shine will help maintain the colour and add shine without weighing down your hair.

If you have normal or thick hair, Pantene's Colour Preserve Smooth line will protect the colour and leave your hair silky.

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